The Players Page


Designed for the players and by the players of New Jersey Travel Soccer.

Weekly articles and topics will be published, forum style, where travel soccer players are encouraged to comment and add to the growing community at  With the Spring Season kicking in full gear and the competition heating up, there will be a lot to talk about on subjects including:

  • Weekend Games and Tournaments:  Previews, Reviews, and Results
  • Product Review:  Best cleats, uniforms, balls, and equipment
  • Team Talk:  Promoting good teams, good competition, and good players!
  •  Player Recognition:  Feats of greatness, awards, and college commitments

At we exist only to promote the game of soccer in New Jersey.  Negative comments and/or harsh language will not be posted on the site!  Please keep it positive and let’s work together to show why NJ Travel Soccer should be recognized consistently on a National Level.

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