My name is Erik Franzo and I am a New Jersey born and raised professional soccer trainer, coach, program director and owner and operator of Franzo Futbol Training LLC.  I have 10+ years of coaching experience in NJ Youth Soccer  working with travel clubs and academies throughout the State and Region 1.  I hold NSCAA Director of Coaching  and Advanced National Coaching Diplomas and have plans to take on the Premier Course in the future.  I am currently an Assistant Director of Coaching for West Windsor Plainsboro Soccer Association (located in central NJ) and train for Mercer FC as head coach of the U17G Santos.  As a full-time professional I have run a Pre-Travel (Technical Development Academy) for 150 players aged 5-12, and trained teams from U8 to U23 teams.  I also have High School coaching experience with Red Bank Catholic.  My passion is teaching youth soccer and working with kids who love the game and hopefully that is displayed in my writing.

The purpose of this blog is to bring the New Jersey soccer community together to discuss all things youth and travel soccer.  A place where coaches, parents, players, and even referees can bounce important topics of conversation off one another to better the NJ soccer environment and culture.  My goal is to post new topics weekly relevant to US Youth soccer, specific to NJ soccer club/academy/team review, Coaching tools and tactics, player and game analysis and much much more…

This website will not work without YOU!  I look forward to your posts, feedback, reviews, and “general intelligent” conversation on the important topics regarding everything NJ youth soccer.  I want this to be as interactive as possible so that New Jersey can show the rest of the country why some of the best soccer is played right here!

Contact Me: Via Email at contact@njtravelsoccerblog.com

Connect with me on Linked In, Twitter, and Facebook – Erik Franzo and njtravelsoccerblog.com

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