A Parents’ Guide to Youth Travel Soccer Tryout Season (Part 2)

Part 2 of a Parents’ Guide to Tryouts Continued from Wednesday April 4th.

How do I determine if the club is a good fit for my child?


When you are trying out for a team, whether it be at a town club or a private club, here is a list of important questions you should ask before making your commitment to a new club!

  • Please tell me about your training staff.  What coaching licenses do they possess? How much experience do they possess?
  • What league do you play in?  How far will our games be? Tournaments?
  • What are your guidelines around playing time?
  • What are your costs? (and what does that include) How much are uniforms (uniform kits)? Is summer training or winter training included? Are there any additional costs I should be aware?
  • Has the team been together or is this a new team? In private soccer clubs, players may be able to move up and down to various team in an age group.  How does this affect my child?
  • How often do you practice and where?
  • What is the club philosophy?

If you don’t like the answers you get, or a club/coach is being indirect with you, it is probably best to look elsewhere with the plethora of options around.


Eric Offenberg has been around youth soccer for his whole life, first as a player, referee, coach, manager, Executive Vice President for the Monroe Township Soccer Club, and currently a member of the Executive Board for the MOSA (Monmouth Ocean Soccer Association).

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