Youth Soccer Coaches – Set Playing Time Guidelines for Game Day

No matter how often coaches educate parents on player development, it is always important to communicate how you determine playing time before the season begins.  It can help avoid awkward conversations later in the season, and help parent and players understand expectations clearly.  coachtalkingtoplayers


Below I have listed my 6 points that determine playing time.  Make note that these are reevaluated weekly.

  1. Training attendance – physically and mentally
  2. Work ethic during training and warmup prior to game
  3. Mental focus during training and warmup
  4. Arriving on time on game day – at set time.  (Late arrival does not start)
  5. Energy levels and positivity
  6. Technical, tactical, and physical ability on game day.

Notice that the final criterion is the ability of the player.  Coaches, ask yourself, do you keep your best players on the field regardless of bullet points 1-5?  If so, you should reevaluate the message you are sending to the team.

Feel free to use this yourself, or let me know if there are some points that you would add or subtract from the list!



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