Will the EDP Spring Classic Kickoff?

Last week we published an article on New Jersey weather routinely delaying the start of the season, and it’s almost mid-month and there is still a significant amount of snow on the ground

Leagues like EDP and Mid New Jersey attempted to kickoff games last weekend to no avail.  However, with a major tournament on the way, set on grass facilities, what is the plan for the weekend ahead?

EDP_Spring_Classic_Logo_If you do the math on the EDP Spring Classic, 503 teams at a moderate average of $900 per entry means about $450,000 of down payment has been made by parents who want their kids to play soccer.  I say parents, because the clubs and coaches are just the registrants.

That is a significant amount of money, that could go unused if the tournament is cancelled.

The EDP Spring Classic was cancelled in 2017 and the option of a full tournament credit or 70% refund was offered.  I wonder how many people took the option of a second tournament?

If you hypothesize a 70% refund is given to every team barring the EDP Classic cancellation for a 2nd year running, where does the excess $135,000 go?  That still seems like a lot of money.

I am not sure anyone has really put this perspective to paper, and this is understanding there are business costs involved.  New Jersey youth soccer in its entirety is a business.  17799302_991789150953317_1635258806501884962_n

However, what confuses me is teams committing the entry fee to a tournament this early in the season.  It is not just New Jersey teams either, it is teams from all over the East Coast into Canada, that risk forfeiting $300.

This is all rolled into the larger issues such as teams trying to start too early and playing too much soccer, as well as club tryouts beginning as soon as the first week in April!  There needs to be a stance from NJ youth soccer and US Club to push the season back a few weeks, or shorten the length of the season.  Otherwise clubs and managers will continue to plan and re-plan schedules due to the cancellations that happen every single March.

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