EDP Spring 2018 Preliminary Brackets Released

EDP has released its Spring 2018 Preliminary brackets, available on their website, or by the link here:edp

EDP 2018 Spring League Brackets

Coaches have until Monday January 22nd to appeal their flighting for the season, (if they believe the competition level does not suit their team), but must do so through a google document:  https://goo.gl/forms/Ob102MD cmeXhm1LU2

Therefore the brackets should NOT be considered final until the 23rd or later.

This is always an exciting time of year, because teams get to see where they were placed, and the competition they will be facing.  For many parents, they can see what their “drive times” are going to look like for the season ahead.

Preliminary EDP schedules are set to be released on January 25th.  Ample time for coaches/managers to get their Spring 2018 season on paper.






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