What is NJ Travel Soccer Blog?

After two years of operation, NJTravelSoccerBlog.com will be moving forward over the next month to a more direct focus.  Serving the New Jersey youth soccer community.

Since our creation in 2016, we have been using a wide variety of content to see what draws the greatest audience, and are now planning to focus on the following areas:

  1.  Parent Education – One of the greatest needs of the community.  Topics like:  Choosing a team or club, expectations in player development, and parent – coach communication are just a few of the concepts.  Parents need to understand what they are committing money to in this ultra-competitive market.17523311_991788250953407_5968427099560887625_n
  2. Team and club seeking players – This has been a popular and effective use of the website thus far.  Connecting players, and parents to teams in need.  This won’t work without you though, and with the tryout season ahead, please send an email to contact@njtravelsoccerblog.com for more information.
  3. Positive Recognition of teams and clubs – They key word here is “positive.”  This website is fully mediated, and all comments will be read before posting.  We will recognize teams and clubs success in New Jersey and beyond.  Feel free to send us anything you would like broadcast to our large and growing soccer community.

Thank you so much for reading out site, and we would love to hear feedback regarding the information you would like to hear!

Contact Us:  contact@njtravelsoccerblog.com

3 thoughts on “What is NJ Travel Soccer Blog?

  1. I’m looking for a team for my daughter to play on. We’re making a move from ny to nj in the next couple weeks. Where she will go to school and where she will play soccer are two of the deciding factors in where we move. I can’t seem to find any teams looking for a player. She’s very good, and she practices very hard. I could probably get her coach, or trainer to give her a referral/recommendation. Idk how the age groups works in New Jersey but her birthday is 11/11/04. Any helpful information would be greatly appreciated.


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