Soccerskillz Futsal Training


This year DO NOT overspend your personal or team budget. Get more for your dollar.

All SOCCERSKILLZ Futsal Development Training Programs are Multiple session development programs. They are club neutral programs where players from different clubs, teams and playing levels come together to train and develop.

2016-12-21_11-25-43Our mission is to inspire, educate and make young players fall in love with the game of soccer and futsal through the continuous use of small sided games.

By developing fundamental skills, as well as the ability to be creative, and read the game. We hope the youth players will have a FUN experience that will last forever. 

All training is done on a futsal hard floor environment. NO TURF. Because the hard floor surface is faster, it makes it more challenging for players to maintain control of the ball.   

When they return on the grass surface it will be easier to maintain control of the ball. Because of the hard surface, the speed of the game is much faster, forcing the players into making quicker decisions.  Developing their reading of the game in situations presented.


Unlike any other program around, the SOCCERSKILLZ Winter Futsal Development Program is completely unique. The classes consist of two equal one hour segments, except U7- U12, which is 1.30 hours.
1. One hour development of ball fundamentals, passing and moving concepts, and reading the game.
2. One hour futsal small sided games, 3v3 – 5v5 with many variations.

Individual players as well as teams are welcome to sign up

Contact us at: 732.580.2174 or email us at with any additional questions


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