How to post your article on NJTravelSoccerBlog

NJTravelSoccerBlogWe continue to receive emails, from coaches and parents, on how to post an article on our website.  The blog would not work without you, so we are eager to help, and post relevant soccer content for anyone interested in the NJ youth soccer landscape.

You can always use the “reply” section at the bottom of any page of the website.  Just keep in mind that this is a mediated function, and any post will be read to ensure it is positive in nature.

To Post a Feature Article:

Email us at:

Add a heading:  “Posting a Feature Article”

Specify the type of article – Ex. Team Seeking Players, League/Tournament Promotion, Charitable Foundation.

Provide detailed information:  What you would like within the article.  No more than 300 words, with pictures of teams, players, logos, to increase the visibility across the website.  IMG_0274

Social Media Benefits:  Instantly, any feature article will be broadcast across Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and WordPress.

*We are constantly looking to provide relevant content to the NJ Travel Soccer Community, so do not hesitate to reach out.  Anything we can do to help your team, club, or program is the reason we are here.

Thanks so much for reading our site, and please continue to share it with your soccer family, as we feel there is something for everyone on our site.






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