Performa Sports – Soccer Performance Analysis Technology

Performance analysis, and the technology behind it, is breaking into U.S. youth soccer.  We see the high pods, video taping games at all the big college showcases, but how is the footage broken down?  performasportsipad

I hope coaches are reviewing game tapes with their teams, as well as breaking them down.  They are an invaluable tool that improves performance and aids development.  Not to mention a great way to get your team together off of the field.

Performa Sports has the technology to break down video like never before.  Performa Sports email2.png

Their mission:  “To help coaches, analysts, and athletes at all levels in sport to achieve their potential through meaningful performance insights.”

Check out their youtube video HERE

If your club or team is looking for a new way to analyze team tactics, individual player development, or a new way to work with your team check out Performa Sports.  They are offering a 21 day free trial right now that is too good to pass up.  If you have an iPad, check out their app in the app store.  performasportsgraphs


Rider University is currently using Performa Sports to analyze their team’s development, which means it will be all over New Jersey soon.

I believe this is a technology that is soon to take over youth soccer academies in NJ. Performa Sports should be on the top of the list for clubs and coaches looking to take the next step forward in player analysis.

Check out their youtube channel for great videos on how the technology works!

Performa Sports - US Soccer - Medium Rectangle Bold 15.06.17.jpg

Performa Sports Soccer Software Overview Aug 17




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