New Jersey Club Soccer Top Boys Municipal Clubs

What was clearly evident from our club soccer Power Rankings, is that private clubs are dominating NJ youth soccer fields.  This is no secret.  However, after recognizing only a single municipal club crack either top 10 (boys or girls), I needed to dive in farther.

Using Gotsoccer, the leading club soccer ranking system in the country, I sought out the top 10 township clubs on the boys side.  This was an in depth look and it took a lot of research, with comparison on each age level from U12-U19 to get the results.  So if you think your home town club deserves a look, let us know in the comment section below, or on Facebook or Twitter @NJTravelSoccer.

10.  Marlboro Soccer Association


MSA snuck onto this list with its strong youth system from U12 through U15.  With 10 teams in those age groups and 4 of them in the Top 60 on GotSoccer, they deserve a serious look.  What stood out was having 2 quality teams at both U12 and U13.  That is difficult to come by in any municipality.  Even higher ranked clubs on this list struggled to match that stat.

The U13B Mustangs Blue are the team to watch in the club, ranked 31st overall, and runners up in EDP Central Division 2 last season.  That was slotted right between the #10NJ Elite and #13 MFC 05 Boys groups.

9.  Middletown Soccer Club

Middletown Arsenal

With 4 teams at U12 and playing competitive soccer, this club jumped off the page for me.  Bayern at U13 plays in a solid MOSA flight, but it gets better at U14 and U16 specifically.

The 2004 Lightning Red are #21 overall and won a challenging EDP Cup group this past Spring.  The 2002 of the same namesake have kept it together though as the #15 overall team on GotSoccer, by finishing the season strong in June tournament play.

This is a quality boys program that deserves some notice.  Keep an eye on the U12 boys, because if they are developed properly, that will be a team to watch when they go full sided.

8.  Princeton Futbol Club

PFCPFC makes it case with successful boys teams all the way through U19.  If you are a township club, you know it is difficult to keep teams together past U14 due to the allure of top level soccer at the “academies.”  Their U16B are ranked 21st on GS and they even have a second team that is competitive.  They have 2 teams listed at U19 as well, which is a testament to good training and recruiting.

PFC has 5 teams at 2006 and 2007 which means they have a foundation to build upon.  Not to mention can cater to multiple levels of play which is important for any municipality to offer.

7.  Mainland United

This little club from Atlantic City/Egg Harbor area may surprise some of you.  They don’t have a lot of teams in the club, but what they have is solid.  From U12-U17 they have a team in the Top 60 on Gotsoccer.  That may not sound like a lot, but trust me, not many municipalities can say this. mainland

The U17 SJ Futbol Club is a 2 time President’s Cup Champion.  The U15 team won their EDP flight last season.  However, the U13 Mambas are the up and comers as they also won their EDP flight, but added GS points champions medals. through the EDP Memorial Day Tournament.

They may be far out there for most opponents to travel to, but this is a nice boys soccer program that should garner attention this season.

6.  Wall Soccer Club

Sheer numbers put Wall in the top 10.  With 16 teams from 2010-2005, there is a strong foundation in the shore club.  The U13 Breakers and U15 Snipers are top 20 teams respectively.  The latter, a really quality tournament team, were finalists at the CJI and champs at the Summer Classic in 2017.

The cream of the crop though is their U17 Cosmos (pic below).  They have been strong for a long time, and just don’t stop with a US Club Regional Championship and a trip to Nationals.  11th ranked nationally and 1st in NJ is not bad as well.


5.  Westfield – Union County FC

thumbimageThis is a big club with a lot of teams, not a lot of fields, but a lot of teams.  Similar to Wall, they made this list because of that impressive team count.  Where they differentiate themselves, and impress is their 10 teams from U14 and above.

The U12 San Lorenzo is a EDP league winner.  The U14 Forest team is #12 in the State, and not far points-wise from top 10.  Westfield actually has 4 teams alone at 2005 which no other club on this list can say.  The U16 Hammers are the final top tier team of the club at #24 ranked in the State.  They continue to enter high level tournaments and after a short dry spell this Spring, finished strong with a championship at the EDP Summer Classic.

4.  Mt. Olive Soccer Club

This is another smaller club I don’t think many would have predicted to make this list.  Look at the stats though:

  • U12B #46Mtolivepremier
  • U13B #50
  • U14B #55
  • U15B #24
  • U16B #28
  • U17B #47
  • U18B #31
  • U19B #15 and #45

You simply cannot find that consistency in many municipal clubs in New Jersey.  Whatever they are doing North of Newark, they need to keep it up, because this is a boys program that produces teams year after year.

3.  Princeton Soccer Association

Yes, two clubs from Princeton made this list… it’s hard to say which one is actually a township club and which one is an “academy,” so in fairness I have used both.

PSA has their competitor by a few spots, because they host 5 Top 25 teams and 3 Top 10 teams in NJ.  The #3 ranked 2002 boys are a Jeff Cup team and a US Club Super Group Finalist.  The U14 group won their NPL league in the Fall and also compete in everything top level.  PSA

There is simply just so much strength and consistency from their “Premier Elite” teams that it was difficult to leave them at #3.  Maybe the U12 and U13 age groups hold them back a little, but they are so young and have still have plenty of room to develop.

2.  Parsippany Soccer Club

parsippanyyouthAnother large club on the list, but this one has 5 top 25 teams in NJ.  It’s also rare when a municipal club has NPL status, but this one does.  The 2001 NPL team specifically is #7 in the State, and competes in an extremely heavy schedule despite being High School aged.

The other top 10 team in the club is the U19 group.  Again, I give a boost to township clubs that can keep teams together and competing at a high level at the older ages.  The final stat that propels them to #2 on this list is having 19 teams from U12-U19.  Eight of which fall in the top 50.

1. Washington United

The Sewell soccer club gets the top spot here with 4 top 10 teams in NJ.  The U12, U17, U18, and U19 boys all hold that honor.  GotSoccer shows 20 plus teams from U12 and above, which is staggering for a township club that really isn’t that big.

The 2006 Elite boys play at a very high level and are coming off an impressive Spring.  2 Championships, a Finalist, and Semi-Finalist in 4 tournaments is a very good run while competing in a top EDP flight.

From U17-U19 there is no comparison in township clubs.  The U17 Elite are #9, the U18 Arsenal are #8, and the U19 Blackjacks are #7.  Keeping high level boys teams in the system for that long is very difficult, and I give Washington United a lot of credit.  For all these reasons and more, they get my #1 ranking for boys municipal clubs in NJ.

















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