New Jersey Club Soccer Girls Power Rankings has followed its Boys power rankings with a girls addition for the 2017-18 season.  Using GotSoccer – the leading club team ranking system in the country, we took the first page (Top 25) of each age group to create our list.   We hope you join in the conversation on Facebook and let us know who you believe should fall in the Top 10.

10.  Princeton SA – (Princeton, NJ)

PSAThe team that puts PSA on the map is the 2000 girls who combined with IGFA a few years back to create one of the best teams in the State.  They were National Championship Series champs and NJ Cup Super Group runners up in 2016-17.  The U17 group also coached by Massimo Cedraschi is 16-1-1 in GS related games, and currently ranked 8th in GS National rankings.  The club does have some holes in U13 and U14, but they make up with it with 2 up and coming U12 groups in the Top 15.

9.  SDFC – (Montclair, NJ)

Soccer Domain makes this list due to their U14 and U15 teams that are top of the NJ rankings in both age groups.  The U14 group were recently Finalists in the USYS National Championships in Frisco, TX.  However, incredibly dominant in all New Jersey and Regional competition.  The U15 also competed in TX, following their Regional win and are regular top tier NJ tournament bracket competitors.  SDFC also has 2 more girls teams in top 15 State ranking in U19 (#8) and U16 (#13).SDFCchamps.jpg

8.  NJ Elite – (Watchung Hills, NJ)


The premier group from the hills of North Jersey shows a lot of promise with its young teams.  Highlighted by the 2005 group NJ Elite Leeuwin (pictured right) who had a tremendous Spring/Summer of 2017.  The 2004 and 2006 groups are both #10 in the State in their age groups, which shows their is stability in the girls side of the club.  The U17 group is their poster child though, winning their Jefferson Cup group in March, and finishing 2nd in a very talented EDP Central Division League.

7. NJ Wildcats – (Long Branch, NJ)

NJ WildcatsThe Wildcats have 3 powerhouse teams from U16-U18 that put them on this list.

  • 2002 girls were NJ Cup Super Group Champs.
  • 2001 Fury were Super Group Finalists and 1st Division Central Winners.
  • 2000 girls won a major NPL girls showcase last December in Florida

The Jersey Shore based club also has 4 Top 25 ranked teams from U13-U15 showing their is even more potential down the line.

6.  Cedar Stars Academy – (Bergen, Newark, Monmouth)

The Cedar Stars got a boost in the rankings by recently acquiring some top level teams from NJ Crush in Bergen County (Heat and Flames 2003).  This surely stacked the club’s U14 and U15 age groups where CS has 3 teams in each Top 10 in the State.

  • 2004 Girls Ranked # 5,7, 11
  • 2003 Girls Ranked # 3, 4, 5  cedar stars academy

The U19 girls team from Monmouth continues to compete at a very high level as the #2 overall team in their bracket.  Having multiple locations to pull from makes this a dangerous club that could put together a National level team who could compete across the country in 2017/18.

5.  FC Copa Academy – (Metuchen/Ramapo, NJ)

The boys program is strong, but the girls are stronger.

2000 Girls - FC Copa Academy '00 Black (EDP) - resized

Check the Facts:

  • U12 girls #7 and #23
  • U13 girls #10
  • U15 girls #2 and #16
  • U17 girls #2 – just competed at the US Club Nationals in Indiana and went undefeated, unfortunately missing out on the final because of a draw.
  • U18 girls #1, #11, #21, and #22

The addition of the Southern component will expand their reach and with at least 2 teams at each age group their is significant depth at COPA.

4.  NJ Stallions – (Wayne, NJ)

The Stallions are highlighted by the 2000 team that were just crowned National Champions.  However, there is some serious power even at the younger age groups.  The 2005 team (pic below) is top-rated in the State, winning the NPL league this past Spring.  2005NJStallions

The 2004 team also #2 in NJ traveled to the US Club National Finals after winning a difficult Regional that included STA MUSC.  With 4 more teams in the top 12 in the State, ironically, there seems to be a real knack for developing girls teams within the Stallions club.


3.  STA MUSC – (Morris County)

If you read the boys section, STA MUSC was #2, here they just take one step back to show they are one of the most dominant clubs in the State.  From U12-U16 they have a Top 10 ranked team.   In fact they are only missing a Top 15 team at one age group from U12-U19. They also have depth in NPL and EDP teams that give players room to develop at different levels.  STA

The fact that they are so consistent is why they are ranked so highly.  They may not have all the accolades and major championships of other clubs, but all their teams are quality.  That is hard to find in any club, and a credit to their success.

2.  SJEB Rush Academy – (Sicklerville, NJ)

The merging of SJEB and Rush in 2016 was a major power move in New Jersey girls club soccer.  NJ Rush had worked in the South as a direct competitor to SJEB, but also has roots in central jersey which helped create the 2016 US Club National Championship team at 2002.  Now they have 10 Top 10 teams in NJ and 3 more just barely outside.Elite_Barons_Logo_150_large

The aforementioned 2002 girls South team is top in the State, and the central group is #7.  However, the 2004 is the fast rising squad with a 1st and 2nd in top EDP play in the Fall and Spring respectively.  Another key is that they have a competitive team at every age group U12-U19 which means this club will be attracting player interest for a long time coming.

#1 PDA – (Somerset, Westampton, Toms River, Hamilton)

The only stat you need here is:  PDA has 20 Teams in the Top 15 in the State

They were top on the boys side and are top on the girls.  Having 4 locations with the addition of Central at the Hibernian club, they have really covered their ground.  Maybe giving them an unfair advantage?  However, their is no denying that the name alone attracts talent and success keeps players at the club.


I also give PDA a leg up because their U12 teams are #1 and # 5 and their U13 are #3, #5, and #7.  That means they have planted roots and won’t be falling back to the pack any time soon.  Their U12 teams even played each other in the US Club Cup Final last season.  Their teams are not unbeatable and many clubs may produce a better end product, but their is simply something to say about the depth PDA has created.  When a club can pull from 4 major talent regions of the State, the club has to get my vote for top girls program in New Jersey.




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