New Jersey Club Soccer Boys Power Rankings has analyzed the U12-U19 Boys age groups to produce the 2017-18 New Jersey travel soccer power rankings.  Using GotSoccer – the leading club team ranking system in the country, we took the first page (Top 25) of each age group to create our list.  Without further ado – here are the Top 10 strongest boys clubs heading into the Fall 2017 season.

10. Elite_Barons_Logo_150_large South Jersey East Barons  (Sicklerville, NJ)

One of the most well known South Jersey clubs, they will definitely benefit from joining up with NJ Rush on the girls side.  The boys side still needs some fine tuning though, with the majority of their top teams U15-U19.  The younger age groups can definitely still compete, but you will notice the power rankings weigh heavily on long term projections.

9.  FC Copa Academy (Metuchen and Ramapo, NJ)FC-Copa-Academy-U14-B03-Black-Web

Copa is seeking to take over the State with the sheer amount of teams they produce.  It seems like the have 3 at each age group… There girls side is paramount to their boys though with just 3 top 10 teams in the ranked age groups.  Their U15 age group boasts the #1 ranking (State Cup Champs) and #7 teams from North and South respectively, and their U18 team has a great Spring and Summer of 2017.  However, the younger age groups seem like they have a ways to go which leaves them in the #9 spot.

8.  Real New Jersey (Medford, NJ)

This club’s bread and butter are their U14 Boys who just returned from competing in both the USYS and US Club National Championships.  Although right behind them are two – Top 10 Boys teams at U13 and U12.  The success of the older age groups probably wore off on them, but these 3 teams alone say the future is bright at Real NJ.  RealNJ04.jpg

7.  TSF Academy (Wayne, NJ)

tsfacademypngA lot of the same can be said about The Sports Factory that was said of Copa.  Their place on this list is dictated by their strength from U14 through U19, where TSF has a Top 10 team at each age group.  Their U15 boys were a US Club National Semi-Finalist and NJ Cup Super Group Champion.  If their younger groups have a big season I can see them moving up the list, but they are still a ways away.

6.  Cedar Stars Academy (Bergen, Newark, Monmouth)

cedar stars academy

The Newark and Bergen groups are producing the best teams.  However, a new facility sponsored by Capelli in Tinton Falls with ties to the US Development Academy may change things.  The fact that they have 3 top 10 teams at U12 and U13 shows their is long term stability here.  They also have the top U19 team in the state in the 99s out of Newark.  With new investments, and impressive U9 programs in the works, this club could be a fast mover and make a real name for itself in years ahead.


5.  Ironbound FC (Newark, NJ)

This may be the surprise of the list, but just look at the facts:

  • U12 Boys are GS # 6 and #14
  • DFSwirhVYAAf3vnU13 Boys are GS #7
  • U14 Boys are GS #17
  • U16 Boys are GS #4
  • U17 Boys are GS #5
  • U19 Boys are GS #11

There also is the history of the club that has won 8 National Championships.  So yes, they belong on this list, and maybe even higher.

4.  NJ Elite (Watchung Hills, NJ)

njeliteThere is a ton of strength in their youth boys system.  With for Top 10 teams from U12-U14 there is an impressive future being built, and the long term stability her is for real.  Highlighting the U13 PSV group is a must as they were 2016 NJ Cup and Region I Champions.  Now they move to a full-sided format and we will see how they handle it.  The Watchung area is ripe with talent and the coaches are doing well to hold onto it.  For those reasons I wouldn’t be surprised if overall this is a top 2 club in the State.

3.  Match Fit Academy (Montclair/Mercer)

Fielding impressive teams this 2000, they continue to produce at all ages of boys youthimg_08491 soccer.  Their U12 team is the future (GS #1), but they have 6 – Top 10 teams from U15-U19.  The U17 team was State Champions and Finalists at Regionals.  Their U15 boasts 2 great teams from North and South that will compete at any level in the State.  The Match Fit name carries weight in NJ, and this club has rebuilt its reputation after a few years of difficulties.

2.  STA MUSC (Morris County)

morrisunitedlogoThis club has a Top 10 GotSoccer ranked team in each boys age group from U13-U19.  Five of those teams are in the Top 5!  That is simply impressive.  They travel to all the big tournaments, compete at the highest levels in everything they do, and have built a clear reputation as the best club in North Jersey.  Their U15 Boys were Finalists at the National Championships a few weeks ago, but their U13 group looks like serious players with 4 Finals appearances in 4 summer tournaments in 2017.  Every time I look around I see STA MUSC at the top of something, and that is why they find themselves ranked as the #2 Boys club in the State.

1. PDA (All Over NJ) PDAChamps

Yes, it shouldn’t come as a surprise, but PDA is the top club rated boys club in NJ.  With locations in Somerset, Westampton, Toms River, and now Hamilton they have really spread themselves across the State to find the best talent.  They built the brand up years ago and now they attract the best of the best…. isn’t that what every club wants to do.  Yes, I do believe the cost to play at the club far exceeds its worth, but if you want your kid to compete with the very best youth soccer players locally, regionally, and nationally, this is where you go!

If I am nitpicking, the U15-U18 boys do have some work to do, but the U12-U15 groups are stacked.  The U14 age group has 5 teams alone in the Top 11 (with the addition of 2 Hamilton, central teams this season).   This club has been tops on the boys side of youth soccer for years, and I don’t see them getting knocked off their pedestal anytime soon.



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