Ironbound Soccer Club 2005 and 2006 Pre-Tryout I.D. Sessions

Ironbound Soccer Club (Newark, NJ) will be hosting I.D. Sessions specifically for 2005 and 2006 age groups in April and May 2017.  These are free training sessions, prior to tryouts, for players interested in working with the current teams and coaches during the Spring 2017 season.ironbound

The purpose of I.D. is to give players from outside the club the opportunity to see what Ironbound SC is all about.  Working with players, teams, and coaches in the midst of their current season gives you the ability to see what the team will look like heading into the 2017-18 season.  This is a great opportunity for the team to assess players and players to assess teams before stepping on the field for tryouts.

17799302_991789150953317_1635258806501884962_nIf you are interested in attending an I.D. session please email:

In email include:

  • Player Name
  • Birth Year
  • Current Age Group
  • Current Club & Team
  • Current League Playing In (EDP, NSCA, etc..)
  • Player Position


For more information about Ironbound Soccer and tryouts – visit Ironbound SC Website


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