Good Luck to our Boys Teams at Jeff Cup

While the majority of New Jersey is getting poured on, and games all over the State getting canceled, many elite boys U16-U19 teams are headed down to Richmond, VA for the Jefferson Cup.  This is one of the best tournaments on the East Coast which attracts over 250 College Coaches and exemplary teams from all over the country. wishes all the teams competing down there this weekend the best of luck and hope they bring some medals on the way back!

U16 Boys Teams:

  • Flight 1:  WSC Elite Cosmos
  • Flight 2:  Jackson SC Bayern, SJEB Rush Academy
  • Flight 3:  Match Fit Academy Black
  • Flight 4:  STA MUSC (pic), FC Copa Academy BlackSTAMUSC01B
  • Flight 5:  TSF Academy White (Won 1st game 5-0 to lead pack!), Parsippany SC Blue
  • Flight 6:  Match Fit Academy White, TSF Academy White, Jersey United Spartans

U17 Boys Teams:

  • Flight 1:  Match Fit Academy Blue (Won 1st game 4-1), STA MUSC
  • Flight 2:  TSF Academy, SJEB Rush Academy
  • Flight 3:  Princeton SA, Voorhees SA Devils (pic) VoorheesSADevils
  • Flight 4:  FC Copa Academy Black (Won 1st game 3-2), FC Gottschee Roma
  • Flight 5:  Parsippany SC Blue, WSC Elite Sting,
  • Flight 6:  FC Copa Academy Red (Won 1st Game 1-0)

U18 Mens Teams:

  • Flight 1:  Match Fit Academy Black (pic)MatchFitboys99
  • Flight 2:  STA 99, TSF Academy
  • Flight 3:  SJEB Rush Academy and Arsenal Maximus Rage (These 2 drove down to VA just to play one another today and Arsenal got the 3-1 result)
  • Flight 5:  East Brunswick Utd, Jersey United (Won 1st Game 4-1) over Princeton FC

U19 Mens Teams:

  • Flight 1:  TSF Academy, STA MUSC
  • Flight 3:  FC Copa Academy Black, Princeton SA

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