NJ Cup – Boys Results U11-U14 – Round 1 and 2

Mantua Bayern 2003

The NJ Cup is moving forward rather quickly with another deadline to hit Monday April 3rd.  Most 1st and 2nd round games have been completed and some teams have already secured a quarterfinal slot, just a single game away from Finals weekend!  Here is a look at round 1 and 2 results, with some insight and upsets, but we are looking to hear from our readers about the great games of the tournament thus far.  You can use the “reply” section below, tell us on Facebook or Twitter, or email us at contact@njtravelsoccerblog.com.

U11 Boys:

  • In Feature Game #1 Den of Lions must have put on a clinic and held a strong Valencia 06 group scoreless in a 3-0 victory.  A shutout against any team in a 9v9 game is impressive, but against a team that nearly puts in 4 a game – even more so.
  • Feature Game #2 was even tighter with PDA Pogba advancing with a 2-1 win against Mainland Utd in early March.  A reader Rick Difilippo commented on Mainlandutdlogothis game saying “Very intense battle that had Mainland up 1-0 for most of the game . Some good scoring chances throughout by both sides until PDA scored the equalizer with 7 minutes left and then winning goal with 10 seconds left .
    Great experience for both sides .”  What a game for round 1 – PDA now meets top seeded Real Jersey on Monday night at Bob Bende Park.
  • There were a total of 6 – 1 goal games – in round 1 alone!  That is some intense drama for 10 year olds.  We would love to hear about some of them!
  • 5 Teams have already advanced to the Sweet 16 – Mercer FC, Washington Utd, #1 Seed NJ Elite, Vistula Garfield, and SJEB Chelsea moved on.  The latter, SJEB just squeaking through with a 3-2 upset win over Bridgewater.

U12 Boys:

  • Feature Game #1 was exactly as expected… GPS took MFC to wire, but Mercer got by with a 4-3 win and has since beaten a quality Harrison Huskies team to get into round of 32 to play Wall Breakers.  The WSC Breakers had needed 2 overtimes and penalties to outlast Arsenal (PKs went to 5-4) in what was undoubtedly a great contest of their own!
  • Feature Game #2 was predicted dead on as well with FC Copa Black South taking SJEB Man Utd to penalties as well, Copa coming out on top 4-2 in the end.  What a way to start your season (game played 3/4)!  This Copa squad ran into a monster in round 2 though as Cherry Hill Attack showed why they are ranked #11 in the State with a 7-0 win.
  • I hate to brag, but Feature Game #3 kept with the trparsippany2005end and went to penalties as well when Bridgewater and East Brunswick matched up.  EB was happy to advance 3-1 in PK’s and got a crack at the #1 Seed NJ Elite, but happiness was short-lived as the end result was an 0-12 loss (why do you even need to score that much?). * Clarified by a reader – the coach actually implemented a rule that they must play all the way back to their GK before going to goal, which is then impressive they got to that score total.
  • 5 Games have been decided be penalties in this age group already!
  • NJ Wildcats are the lone team in the Sweet 16 – awaiting the winner of Cedar Stars Bergen vs. PSA
  • Round 3 Game to Watch! Torpedoes Red vs. Parsippany SC – This game has pedigree all over it.  Torpedoes won their 1st game 3- 1 over Future SA who won their first game 11-0, and Parsippany survived one of the PK games to get by Mount Olive after no goals through regulation and overtime.

U13 Boys:

  • Feature Games 2 and 3 – Both were close, but not that close… Marlton SC got Mainland 3-0 to advance to round 2 and Tinton Falls in a game of familiar teams won 3-1 against a strong municipality group from Howell.
  • Feature Game #1 – Super Group Game SDFC and Bridgewater kicks off this Saturday 4/1 at 5PM at Newark Academy.
  • Hoboken City took a long drive down to Toms River, but wasn’t lucky as the Gunners from TRI got the best of them 3-1 in our “Not-so-local rivalry gaimg_08491me.”
  • MatchFit Academy Barcelona (img right)- who we covered in Round 1 – as they took down Pasco Rebels in penalties is the only team into the sweet 16 at this point after a 7-0 second round win.
  • Only 2 Super Group games have kicked off at this point – with NJ Elite and STA MUSC advancing the the final 8!
  • 16 Games are set to be played by Monday April 3rd, with our top 3 being….
  • MatchFit Montclair vs. PDA Shore Thiago – 4/1 4PM Brookdale Park
  • Ironbound SC Barca Red vs. FC Copa Academy Black – 3/29 7:30PM Riverbank Park
  • Middltown SC Lightning vs. NJ Stallions Galactics – TBD

U14 Boys:

  • Only a few Super Group games have kicked off at this point: with Wall defeating PDA Valderrama in PK’sAmericas United beating Westfield 2-1 (feature game #3) and Cedar Stars overcoming Medford with a 5 goal performance.
  • I was really interested to see what would happen in the FC Copa Red/Valencia game which we highlighted in our Local Rivalry in the preview.  FC Copa asserted their dominance though with a 5-2 win in a battle for Metuchen/New Brunswick.
  • Feature Game #1 kicks off this weekend – Between Ironbound and Mt. Olive Premier on Saturday April 1st.  We highlighted this in our preview as a MUST SEE GAME!
  • PDA Shore and Lakehurst was our Feature Game #2 and did not disappoint… The Toms River version of PDA won 2-1 to advance.
  • There were a lot of big goal differentials in Round 1 – with 5 games being decided by 6 goals or more!
  • 16 Games in the Round 2 – Premier Group are set to be played this weekenFutureSA03d with our best matchups predicted to be the following:
  • Den of Lions Gunners vs. BergenField United Bears – Wednesday 3/29 at 7:30PM at RWB
  • Maroons Grey United vs. Jersey Crew Panthers – Saturday 4/1 at 4:45PM at Fairfield PL
  • Princeton SA vs. Future SA (img right) – Sunday 4/2 at 4:30PM at Stuart Country Day School


2 thoughts on “NJ Cup – Boys Results U11-U14 – Round 1 and 2

  1. Agree that Princeton v. Future will likely be the game of the week and based on Fall results, Bergenfield v. DOL should be tight again. In my opinion, two more potential thrillers are CSA-Monmouth v. MSA and Copa Red v. SFL. Interesting you highlighted Maroons v. Jersey Crew, as that was a 5-1 blowout in the fall. Possible sweet revenge?


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