3v3Live Soccer Tournaments Coming to New Jersey

3v3 Soccer is a craze that has been around for a while, but is currently sweeping the nation as coaches and players recognize the benefits to this alternative style of competition.  I personally love the idea of getting teams involved in these events and always recommend them to my parents due to the quick speed of play and maximization of touches on tDisneySoccer_2013_3V3_logo-01_medium_largehe ball.  3v3Live is a National Soccer Tour that lands in New Jersey this July and should be one of the first places competitive players look to play in this format.  With extremely well managed tournaments in Wayne, Manalapan, and Edison this summer, their are great opportunities to participate with State Champions having the opportunity to qualify for the Disney 3v3 Tournament in Florida.

3v3Live is a company that has been running successful 3v3 events for a long time… 16 years in fact.  They only run top quality tournaments and recently have partnered with Hummel to provide top of the line equipment on game day.  It can be as l3v3live2ow as $31 per player (for a team of 6), you get 4 guaranteed games, and they provide a ranking system where you can see how you hold up against 10,000 teams nationwide.  3v3Live really provides a great experience for competitive soccer players looking to showcase their skills in a small-sided environment.

Other great reasons to participate include:

  • 3v3 maximizes touches on the ball and promotes creativity in young players
  • You can 10x time on the ball as opposed to an 11v11 match
  • The majority of 3v3 Live events are 1 Day Tournaments
  • Every Player receives a 3v3Live T-Shirt
  • The top 3 teams receives medals in each age group
  • The top 4 teams qualify for the Regional Event
  • All teams qualify for the Disney 3v3 National Tournament
  • You can be a part of the largest Soccer Tour in North America

Dates for Tournaments in New Jersey:3v3live12

July 15th in Wayne

July 22nd in Manalapan

August 19th in Edison

October 28th in Millstone

For more information on these events – visit the 3v3Live website

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