Jefferson Cup – Girls Showcase Weekend

jeffersoncupNew Jersey’s finest U15 – U18 girls are headed down to Richmond, VA this weekend (3/24-3/26) for the Jefferson Cup, in what will undoubtedly be a great competition and preparation for the jammed packed Spring 2017 season. wishes all these teams the best of luck and will be keeping an eye on those teams that bring home medals!

U15 Girls 2002:

  • Flight 1:  PDA Storm and SJEB Rush Academy
  • Flight 2:  NJ Wildcats Averbuch (image)NJ Wildcats Averbuch
  • Flight 3:  PDA Ajax and NJ Crush Tsunami
  • Flight 4:  Arsenal Premier Maximus, NJ Rush Grey, and PDA Dragons
  • Flight 5:  TSF Academy and STA NPL
  • Flight 6:  Cherry Hill Destroyers
  • Flight 7:  PDA Shore Wave
  • Flight 8:  SJEB Rush Academy White and SDFC Yellow
  • Flight 9:  Cedar Stars Academy Monmouth

U16 Girls 2001:

*The U16-19 Showcase are flighted differently than most tournaments, with massive 12- 16 Team Groups that guarantee you need to win all 3 games to get title honors, and sometimes that is not even enough!

  • Flight 1:  PDA Splash and SJEB Rush AcademyPDAHornetsjpg
  • Flight 2:  NJ Wildcats Fury
  • Flight 3:  STA
  • Flight 4:  FC Copa Academy Black and Watchung Hills NJ Elite
  • Flight 5:  PDA Hornets (image), PDA South, and SJEB Rush Premier
  • Flight 6:  Jersey Shore Boca Jr, Mercer FC Spurs and PDA Shore Fusion
  • Flight 7:  Cedar Stars Academy
  • Flight 8:  TSF Academy

U17 Girls 2000:

  • Flight 1:  NJ Stallions Stampede (image), PDA Gunners and Princeton SA IGFANJStallionsStampede
  • Flight 2:  FC Copa Academy Black and SJEB Rush Academy
  • Flight 3:  PDA South Pride
  • Flight 4:  NJ Wildcats Troutman and PDA Athletica
  • Flight 5:  NJ Rush NPL and STA Morris Utd
  • Flight 6:  PDA Shore Revolution
  • Flight 7:  FC Berna Legacy Black
  • Flight 8:  TSF Academy and FC Copa Academy Red

U18 Women 1999:

  • Flight 1:  PDA Shore and Toms River Futbol Everton
  • Flight 2:  Jersey United and SDFC

    MFC Magic 99 at US Club Nationals Last Summer
  • Flight 3:  Mount Laurel Utd Magic and SJEB Rush Academy
  • Flight 4:  Mercer FC Magic and NJ Stallions Academy
  • Flight 5:  Cedar Stars Academy and STA Morris Utd

U19 Women 1998:

  • Flight 1:  FC Copa Academy Black and PDA Blues
  • Flight 2:  NJ Wildcats Lady Strikers and PDA Impactpda
  • Flight 3:  PDA Composite Viper
  • Flight 4:  SJEB Rush Academy and TSF Academy

A Few Notes on Competition:

  • PDA is sending a total of 16 teams!  Times that by $1100 for U15 and $1250 for U16 and up = out to $19,400 spent on just entry fees to Jeff Cup.  I will take that in American Express miles please…
  • A minimum of 2 NJ Teams represent the top flights in every single group including 1 team in every single group be played this weekend.  Now let’s show them what we are made of!
  • Here is a sample schedule of PDA Splash U16 to show the quality competition in this event…   They play the #3 team from Ohio, #1 from home state Virginia, and #1 in Massachusetts.
  • The Friday, Saturday, Sunday format of this tournament which is recommended by USYS as only 1 game is played each day is a great way to protect the players.  However, if you are from NJ and get stuck with a 9AM Friday game (see MFC Spurs 01), it is almost unfair, and the travel expense does add up.


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