NJ Cup – Girls Groups – Round 1 and 2 Results

With a lot of New Jersey Cup games played in the last 2 weeks we wanted to update our readers with some of the score lines that stood out, especially in the games we featured in our preview articles.  There are even some proactive teams that have played multiple games (don’t know how) and are into the quarterfinals which is quite an achievement before April.  We want to hear from you about great games and great score lines, so please use the “reply” section at the bottom of the page or email us at contact@njtravelsoccerblog.com with a great story about a game!  Best of luck to all the teams competing this week!2017njcup


U11 Girls:

  • In our #1 Feature game PSA Sporting edged SFL Lloyd 3-1.
  • Feature Game #2PDA Shore Shockwave got the best of STA EDP with a 4-1 win.  Now gets a date with top seeded NJ Crush Blitz in what will be a great round 2 match.

    PDA Shockwave
  • Marlboro Panthers won in PK’s – talk about drama at 10 years old!
  • This age group saw 6 games – with just a single goal deciding the outcome.  2 (one – nil scorelines = pressure) and 2 (four-three scorelines = excitement).  Would love to hear about those results!
  • A link to how the bracket looks now: 2006 Girls NJ Cup

U12 Girls:

  • In our #1 Feature game Harrison SC edged Haddonfield 2-1, we knew thiharrisonscs would be close.  The Gators from Harrison get a crack at PDA Sounders who are returning from VA as medalists at the Jeff Cup.
  • Feature Game #2 – NJ Crush Impact move into the 2nd round after a 4-2 triumph over Sportika.
  • Feature Game #3 – Our prediction was dead on – Centercourt Derby outlasted Wall Strikers (2-1) in what we saw as a game that needed to be watched.
  • Centercourt’s sister team (Rams) lost out on PK’s to NJ Rush, in 1 of 2 games that went to spot kicks.  Arsenal created Fireworks in their PK victory over PSA.
  • A link to how the U12G 2005 Bracket Looks Now

U13 Girls:


  • The Super Group – Feature Game between NJ Elite and NJ Stallions ended in a 3-0 result with the Stallions Sting advancing to the final 8 to meet NJ Crush Fire.  Only Super group game that has been played thus far.
  • The Stallions Sister team (Hornets) were not as fortunate as FC Copa Black snuck by them with a 2-1 win and are the only team in the round of 16.
  • Deptford Premier beat SJEB PSV with a 1-0 win that came down to the wire.  Now a trip to top seed TBAA Sonic is their reward.
  • Busy weekend ahead (3/24-26) – 7 Premier Group games will be played – narrowing the field.

U14 Girls:

  • Only 1 game has been played across both groups and it was our Feature Game #3.  Jersey United Spartans NPL drew a first round test in Magpies Pink (Hackettstown), but came out unscathed with a 2-0 victory.
  • 7 Games are set to kick off this weekend (3/24-26)
  • One 2nd round – Super Group game will be played tomorrow night (3/22) when STA takes on NJ Crush in Morris Plains.

U15 Girls:

  • 1 Super Group game has gone off and it was a clash betCHdestroyersween 2 – Top 10 GS ranked teams.  Cherry Hill Destroyers (who have been good for a long time, see pic right from U12) snuck by NJ Elite in a 2-0 victory this past Sunday (3/19).
  • 2 Premier Group game scores are in:  TwinCounty Storm and Princeton FC Napoli posted shutouts at home to progress to the Sweet Sixteen.
  • GPS NJ Central – received a free pass to the 2nd round as their opponent team folded before the event even kicked off.

U16 Girls:

  • All the action here has taken place in the Premier Group.  With Feature Game #3 being everything we believed it would be, with Wall Tsunami advancing in penalties over the NJ Crush.
  • Played way back on March 3rd (remember when it was warm) SJEB Premier Red staked home field advantage with a 4-1 win over Sportika Solo.
  • Brick S.A. advanced with a 3-1 win over RYSA and now gets a shot at top seeded STA.

U17 Girls:

  • 2 Super Group teams have already progressed to the final 8.  World Class FC got by TSF Academy 2-0 and SJEB Rush also shut out Toms River Revolution with a 3-0 count.ManalapanMayhem
  • 1 Premier Group team is into the Final 8 as Manalapan Mayhem outlasted Cedar Stars in what was probably a thriller with the final score 4-3.
  • Westfield Saints (1-0) and FC Copa Black South (3-0) were the other 2 teams two sneak in games and wins to advance to the Sweet 16.

U18/19 Girls:

  • Feature Game #3 was way more lopsided than one would have thought.  Wall SC Stingrays poured in 8 goals on way to victory over Cape May, but the 1.5 hour trip early in the season put them behind the 8 ball from the start.
  • Oddly the same scoreline was seen in the rivalry game highlighted as NJ Crush Crossfire brought their A game to advance to round 2.
  • JET Galaxy won the very first game of the 2017 NJ Cup with a narrow 1-0 victory away at Westfield.
  • There were 3 other one goal games Howell, Jersey Knights, and SJEB Rush finding a way to advanced to the round of 32.

    Jersey Knights Rebels





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