NJ Girls Teams Headed to Jefferson Cup

We want to wish all the girls teams U10-U14 vacating the snow and heading to Virginia the best of luck this weekend while representing New Jersey at the Jefferson Cup.  This is a premier tournament that is not easy to get accepted into let alone compete in.  It attracts talent from all over the East Coast and beyond, from Michigan to Texas.  To make things more difficult most of the Southern teams play a heavy Spring schedule and probably have more games in than the squads from the North East, but NJ teams are hard-nosed and I know the girls will give everything they got to get a result and bring home some medals.jeffersoncup

NJ Teams Competing 3/18 and 3/19 in Richmond, VA

U10G 2007:

  • Flight 1 7v7:  NJ Stallions Wayne United Blue
  • Flight 2:  NJ Stallions Wayne United White

U11G 2006:

  • Flight 2:  NJ Stallions Wayne United Blue
  • Flight 6:  NJ Rush Blue

U12G 2005:Bolts_small

  • Flight 1 9v9:  PDA Strikers and NJ Stallions Wayne United Blue
  • Flight 2:  PDA Flash and TSF Academy
  • Flight 3:  PDA Sounders and NJ Wildcats NPL
  • Flight 4:  NJ Crush FC Bolts (pictured right) and STA MUSC NPL
  • Flight 5:  PDA Milan
  • Flight 6:  FC Copa Academy Black, SDFC Yellow, and NJ Rush Blue

U13G 2004:

  • Flight 1:  SDFC Yellownjxholmdelspurs
  • Flight 4:  PDA Barcelona
  • Flight 5:  STA MUSC NPL
  • Flight 6:  NJ Crush Fire NPL and NJ Stallions Academy Sting NPL
  • Flight 7:  PDA Zizou
  • Flight 8:  PDA Shore Sting and Holmdel NJX Spurs (pictured right)
  • Flight 10:  FC Copa Academy Black

U14G 2003:

  • Flight 3:  PDA Crew (pictured right), NJ Wildcats NPL, and PDA Shore FreedomPDAcrewjpg
  • Flight 4:  SDFC Yellow
  • Flight 5:  FC Copa Academy Black
  • Flight 6:  PDA South Nova and SJEB Barcelona
  • Flight 7:  STA MUSC NPL and NJ Crush Flames
  • Flight 8:  TSF Academy and Watchung Hills NJ Elite
  • Flight 10:  PDA Shore Surf
  • Flight 11:  FC Copa Academy Black South
  • Flight 12:  Parsippany SC Blue and Match Fit Mercer
  • Flight 13:  NJ Stallions Academy

A Few Notes:

  • 2005 Girls FC Copa and SDFC Yellow drive all the way down to Virginia just to meet in round 1 of the tournament.  In a similar fate PDA Crew and NJ Wildcats 2003 have a very early kickoff against one another at 8AM – enjoy the hotel party tonight, but coaches better enforce a curfew!
  • To show the strength of this tournamentPDA Strikers 2005G will see the #1 team from New Hampshire, #3 from Pennsylvania East, and #4 from Massachusetts.

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