NJ Boys Teams – Good Luck at Jeff Cup

While we are all in New Jersey getting snowed on – we have 36 – U10 to U15 boys teams representing our state in one of the best tournaments on the East Coast in the Jefferson Cup.  Taking place in and around Richmond, VA – this exclusive competitionjeffersoncup only accepts top level teams as its reputation is one of elite quality.  Teams from as far south as Florida and as far north as Michigan meet to show what they are made of and try to pick up a few thousand GotSoccer points along the way.  From the list below, you can see it is the who’s who from New Jersey competing and we wish them all the best of luck and hope a few teams bring home medals for their Club and State!

U10 Boys 2007

  • Flight 1:  STA MUSC NPL

U11 Boys 2006

  • Flight 1:  Match Fit Academy 2006 Heat
  • Flight 2: STA MUSC NPL

    Parsippany 2005

U12 Boys 2005  

  • Flight 1 9v9:  STA MUSC NPL
  • Flight 2 9v9:  FC Copa Academy Black
  • Flight 3 9v9:  Parsippany SC Blue NPL and Mercer FC
  • Flight 4 9v9:  Parsippany SC White NPL

U13 Boys 2004

  • Flight 1:  STA MUSC NPL (Drew first game 2-2 with #2 in Mass)
  • Flight 2: Princeton SA NPL
  • Flight 3:  Parsippany SC Blue NPL
  • Flight 6:  FC Copa Academy Black and Match Fit Academy Barcelona
  • Flight 7:  Harrison SC Zolos

U14 Boys 2003

  • Flight 1:  FC Copa Academy Black and TSF Academy Blue
  • Flight 2:  STA MUSC NPL and Match Fit Montclair United
  • Flight 3:  Mercer FC Celtic
  • Flight 4:  NJ Stallions Academy Inter
  • Flight 5:  TSF Academy White
  • Flight 7:  FC Copa Academy Black South
  • Flight 9:  Watchung Hills NJ Elite and Mt. Olive Premier Liverpool

U15 Boys 2002

  • Flight 1:  SJEB Rush Academy and NJ Stallions Academy Juve (Lost narrowly 1-2 in first game to #2 in South Carolina)

    STA Morris 02
  • Flight 2:  Princeton SA NPL
  • Flight 3:  Holmdel NJX Napoli and STA MUSC NPL
  • Flight 5:  TSF Academy Blue and Middletown SC Strikers Red
  • Flight 7: Watchung Hills NJ Elite and FC Copa Academy Black
  • Flight 8:  TSF Academy White (Tough 0-1 Loss in 1st game against Future from Maryland)
  • Flight 9:  SDFC Yellow and Jersey United Spartans 

A Few Notes:

  1. STA MUSC sent 6 teams – 1 at each age group – hope they got a club discount!
  2. FC Copa was a close second sending 4 – Three from their Flagship and One team from their expansion in the South.
  3. TSF Academy also sent 4 – but only in 2 age groups – U14 and U15
  4. Middletown SC U14 and Mt. Olive U15 look to make a claim for their townships clubs as sole representatives.


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