NJ Cup – Boys Brackets – Early Analysis – U11 2006

This is our first look at the boys side of the NJ Cup Brackets that are set to kick off games as soon as this weekend – Sunday 3/5.  Specifically the 2006 Boys group that is filled to capacity with 53 teams competing for the chance at finals weekend on May 6th and 7th.  If you haven’t been following our series, this article is intended to promote the US Club tournament, teams participating, and matchups it round 1.  We are looking for positive input from the readers however to create a buzz around the event.  Feel free to use the reply/comment section at the bottom of the page, and please like us on Facebook or even follow us on WordPress and Twitter.

NJ Cup – Early Analysis – U11B 2006

This is coverage of 1st round play – with many games scheduled already and a deadline set for March 20th.  There are 21 games set for this round and we will highlight just a few to help get the tournament age group excited to kick off.

Top Seeds

Watchung Hills NJ Elite Litmanen

Real Jersey 06 – Holding Trophies at Colombus Day Tournament 

Real Jersey 2006

MatchFit Academy Heat

Vistula Garfield Stars

1st Round Matchups to Watch

  1. Den of Lions Strikers vs. Valencia 06 – This was one of the first games I looked into as Den of Lions has 2 quality teams at this age group and I was intrigued by Valencia Soccer Academy out of Metuchen.  Looking deeper into the matchup it is clear that this will be one of the best 1st round contests in 2017.  The teams’ GotSoccer records alone are staggering… DOL (23-0-2) and Valencia (13-1-2).  In 25 games DOL have scored 107 goals (4.28 a game) and Valencia 62 goals in 16 games (3.88 a game).  Yes they will be playing in a 9v9 format where goals are sometimes rampant, but both teams will undoubtedly be celebrating at some point.  Hopefully some NY Red Bulls Coaches from just across the Passaic River (game at Riverbank Park) will venture over to see some future pro academy players in action.
  2. PDA South Pogba vs. Mainland United SA Mayhem – This game is interesting for a number of reasons, but most significantly the PDA South team that is listed on their website as a U10 team.  That typically means the club has pegged this team as one for the future and wants to challenge them at the next level due to past success.  They will face off against a Mainland team (Linwood) that swept through its Fall EDP group unscathed scoring 24 goals and just giving up 5.  The winner gets a date with top seed Real Jersey which probably will get instant recognition as one of the better second round games.  Lets just hope to 80 minute trek just doesn’t wear Mainland out before they even step on the pitch.
  3. Holmdel NJX Ajax vs. STA MUSC 2006 EDP – This is one game that at 1st glance GotSoccer doesn’t tell the true story of how good the matchup is.  At U11 to me the rankings itself are unreliable, but looking into the history does help.  Holmdel had a lot of success in a tough EDP group in the Fall and will probably be viewed as the home favorite.  However the STA team has competed at a very high level in all competition and has a nil-nil draw under it’s belt at the Lou Ramos Classic against current #5 ranked Washington United.  There is probably real talent amongst both groups and honestly it is a tough draw in the first round which could lead to another interesting game in round 2 against PDA Shore Sanchez.

Watch Holmdel in action vs. top seeded NJ Elite with the youtube video below.  The vision within some of the penetrating passes is incredibly high level for then U10 soccer.

Local Rivalry

SDFC 2006 Yellow vs. FC Broncos – These two teams will have an extremely short trip between clubs separated by just 6 or 7 miles depending on field location.  Technically SDFC is the home team in the game, but it will be in Clifton at Athenia Park which is located in Clifton, which FC Broncos calls home.  There has to be some familiarity between these two teams and clubs, and I am sure the parent sideline will be entertaining because of it.  SDFC is probably the more experienced group, but the best thing about NJ Cup is you can’t count anyone out in round 1.

Final Notes:

  • 53 teams are competing in the 2006B Bracket
  • 9 teams have a 1st round bye and are already 1 step closer to the final
  • Interestingly Den on Lions and Cedar Stars Academy both have teams sitting consecutively in the current GotSoccer standings.  DOL – Ranks 12 and 13 and Cedar Stars 20, 21, and 22.  bsm
  • BSM Elite Cosmos and Northern Valley Navy have a convenient 20 minute drive between them, but I am noting them here because it is 2 clubs I was unfamiliar with before looking at the bracket.  It just puts in the forefront how the sheer number of clubs in NJ and the ever-expanding youth soccer landscape.
  • FC Copa Academy Black and SJEB Bayern currently kick off the group with a game this Sunday 3/5 at Rowan University.
  • Here is a link to the NJ Cup 2006 Boys Bracket

2 thoughts on “NJ Cup – Boys Brackets – Early Analysis – U11 2006

  1. PDA South Pogba 2 vs Mainland Mayhem 1
    Very intense battle that had Mainland up 1-0 for most of the game . Some good scoring chances throughout by both sides until PDA scored the equalizer with 7 minutes left and then winning goal with 10 seconds left .
    Great experience for both sides .

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