NJ Cup – Girls Brackets – Early Analysis – U17G 2000

With just a couple girls groups to go, NJTravelSoccerBlog.com continues its look into the first round brackets of the US Club New Jersey Cup.  This article is an examination of the U17G 2000 age groups with a positive outlook on the competition only.  This is just our input, but what we are looking for is comments from the NJ Soccer Community with the inside scoop on teams, matchups, coaches, and players.  Feel free to use the reply section at the bottom of the page to leave your thoughts on the event, as well as follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or WordPress.

NJ Cup – Early Analysis – U17G 2000

*There are 2 groups (Premier and Super) which I will review together.  The first round games for 2000G are set to be played before the April 3rd deadline for the Premier Group and April 17th for the Super Group, so this is what I am referring to as the “1st round.”  There are less teams at these ages naturally then the younger ages, so a shorter path to Finals weekend.

Top Seeds (Super Group)                         Top Seeds (Premier Group)

Princeton SA IGFA 00 NPL                        Marlton GPS Crush 00

FC Copa Academy Black 00                       Mercer FC 00 Santos

SJEB Rush 00 Academy                               TSC Torpedos

STA Morris United NPL 00                         FC Copa Academy Red 00

Mercer FC 2000G Santos

1st Round Matchups To Watch 

  1. FC Copa Academy Black 00 vs. PDA South Pride NPL 00 – This game is entirely interesting because this Copa team has been everywhere including a Fall tournament series that went from EDP Cup to NEWSS to CASL to Disney.  That is quite a journey, so that just tells me this is a serious team with pedigree as the 6th ranked team in this age group Nation wide.  They will face off against a newly formed (GotSoccer wise) team from PDA, but they have an NPL status attached which means it is projected as a strong group.  They only have 1 tournament in their GS history which was the Jefferson Cup last Spring, but probably means nothing.  I think this is one of the strongest 1st round games I have highlighted to date, and would imagine some College Coaches should be getting a peek at this competition.
  2. NJ Wildcats Troutman NPL vs. PDA Shore Revolution – Another juicy 1st round matchup in the Super Group, but remember this is almost like a 2nd round game with only 15 entrants in the bracket.  The Wildcats group has played a high level for a longer time, but this PDA team has raised its level of play significantly over the last year.  Both teams score about 2 goals a game, so we are also looking at a potential shootout in the early season.  What makes this entirely interesting though is these teams are scheduled to play this Sunday 2/26 in EDP League play.  Hopefully coaches and players will be taking notes this weekend to prep for what may be an even more important game in just 1 month’s time.

    NJ Wildcats in Action
  3. Deptford Premier Galaxy 00 vs. Old Bridge Riptide – This is a first round Premier Group game to highlight because they just played each other in December at the EDP Winter Classic.  Old Bridge has been a successful team competing at a high level for a very long time, and that experience may give them the leg up in this competition.  However, in that past meeting, Deptford got the win and will look to build on that, but at just 2-1 this game will be close.  A win gets a trip to Harrison SC to play the Blues in what will undoubtedly be a tough game against one of the better teams in this side of the bracket.

Rivalry Game

STA Morris United NPL vs. Union Crimson Tide – Morristown to Union is under a 20 mile drive and a private NPL club playing a township municipality at the Super Group is worth recognition.  The STA team has been successful at every level and this very physical and athletic Union team has been up and coming for the last few seasons.  I am sure Union wants to show what they have after a short trip up Rt. 24, and knowing them from our matchups in the past, they will give everything they got.

Final Notes:

  • 15 Teams have entered the race for the Super Group title.  While 21 teams will compete for a spot in the Premier Group finals.
  • 1 team – Princeton SA IGFA (feature image) received a bye to the 2nd round of the Super Group.  Rightly deserved though as they are Super Group Ch
    amps from a year ago and Nationally ranked #1 at this age group.  Just take a look at their GS history here. 

    B’Elite Player Development Chaos
  • B’Elite Player Development Chaos is the other returning champion (Premier Group 2016), but this time will test their skills at the Super Group level.
  • Jackson Journey will be taking one, with a 1.5 hour drive to Jersey United (Morristown) for their 1st round kickoff.
  • FC Berna Legacy Black and Parsippany are the only game on the schedule at this point, tipped off for a night game in Bernardsville on April 7th.
  • Here is a link to the U17G Super Group
  • Here is a link to the U17G Premier Group



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