NJ Cup – Girls Brackets – Early Analysis – U14G 2003

The NJ Cup series continues with an early analysis of the 2003 girls Super and Premier group brackets.  We have attracted a lot of readers to our initial coverage and look forward to promoting the event all season. With over 1000 teams entered in this year’s US Club New Jersey Cup, there is bound to be a great following and want your insight into the tournament as well.  Please don’t hesitate to comment at the bottom of the page if you feel there is a team or a club worthy of mention because I don’t want to leave anyone out!  You can also email me directly at contact@njtravelsoccerblog.com or like and share us on Facebook and Twitter via icons at the end of the article.

NJ Cup – Early Analysis – U14G 2003

*There are 2 groups (Premier and Super) which I will review together.  The first round games for 2003G are set to be played before the April 3rd deadline, so this is what I am referring to as the “1st round.”

Top Seeds (Super Group)                     Top Seeds (Premier Group)

NJ Wildcats NPL 03                                  FC Berna Legacy Gold 03

PDA Shore Freedom                                STA 2003 EDP

NJ Crush Heat NPL                                  Jersey United Spartans 03 NPL

SDFC 2003 Yellow                                   PDA Shore Surf

1st Round Matchups To Watch – Deadline to Play April 3rd

  1. East Hanover Cheetahs vs. Medford Strikers Flash (Super Group) – After looking through the matchups this one jumped off the paper for two reasons.  First, East Hanover has won nearly everything they have competed in, from the US PARMA invitational last spring the the Parsippany Invitational this past Fall.  Literally champion or finalist of everything , including their Fall EDP Group.  Add in a rate of nearly 4 goals a game in GotSoccer recognized events, makes me want to see them play.  They will host a Medford Strikers group that competes in a high level in everything they do.  The winner gets a date with top seed NJ Wildcats NPL 03 which I can guarantee you will be a feature game in Round 2.
  2.  SJEB 2003 Barca vs. Cedar Stars Academy Monmouth 2003 (Super Group) – This SJEB group is almost unlucky to draw a first round game here, especially against a notoriously strong club in Cedar Stars.  These teams met in early September in their EDP Flight, so there may be some familiarity there, and the Barons got the best of the Stars.  However, I am sure early season form will make a difference and make this quite a competition.

    SJEB 2003 Girls Barca
  3. Jersey United Spartans 03 NPL vs. Magpies SC Pink (Premier Group) – An magpiesNPL group with a lot of top level experience has to be one of the favorites in the 2003 Premier Group in Jersey United.  Finalists at both YMS Epic and the FC Copa Cup are just a couple highlights on their resume.  They get to host the Magpies, who I admittedly had to look at their website to find out where they were from (Hackettstown), for a North Jersey tilt just a quick trip down Rt. 80.  After doing some digging, I was amazed to see the 37-2-2 record for the Pink Ladies in GotSoccer recognized games.  Scoring 4.5 goals a game in those 41 contests, winning nearly everything they have entered along the way.
  4. Centercourt FC vs. Pasco FC (Feature Photo) – This game gets honorable mention because it is the Red Devils vs. the Red Devils.  What are they going to cheer before the game?  In all seriousness, both teams have played their fare share of top competition and will be ready for a challenge.  With a combined 89 goals in 58 GotSoccer recognized games, it could be a contest that comes down to the wire.

Local Rivalary

STA 2003 (Morristown) vs. FCUSA NJ 2003 (Pottersville) – Both of these clubs actually list on their home page the use of fields in Morristown, so it could be even more familiar.  Due to their locations I am sure they compete for players, so this will be an interesting match with girls who could even go to the same schools on rival teams.

Final Notes

  • 19 Teams will challenge for the Super Group Title.  31 Teams are registered and competing in the Premier Group.
  • No Games are scheduled yet – I guess we are waiting for the warm weather to hit?
  • FC Berna Legacy Gold 04 Lucks Out – As the only Premier Group team with a first round bye!
  • Glen Rock Shooting Stars drew a 1 hour and 25 minute trip to Princeton SA.  I recommend Tortugas Mexican Village for lunch or dinner if you want to make it a day at the University town.
  • A link to the 2003G Premier Group.
  • A link to the 2003G Super Group.
  • Please comment below if you feel your team should be recognized!





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