Giving in Soccer – NJ Based Charity 1k Cleats For Kids

A New Jersey Soccer family has turned their passion for soccer into a charity, which collects new and used cleats to donate to underprivileged kids overseas.  1K Cleats For Kids was started by a family within my soccer community, and is teaching children the gift of giving in order to help kids in other countries who do not have the means to get a pair of soccer shoes.  What is great about this charity is that New Jersey travel soccer players are heavily involved in the process of seeking out donations. is very proud to help spread the word on this great opportunity to donate your cleats4kidschild’s old cleats (that are probably just sitting in the garage) to a good cause!

Here is the 1k Cleats For Kids Story:

We come from a family where playing soccer is a passion. Our goal is to share this passion and love for the game to children around the world.  We want to give kids like us an opportunity to play with the right equipment.  We have decided to set up a big goal to find and donate 1,000 pairs of cleats.  We are striving to make a difference one kid at a time. But in order to accomplish our goals we need your help and your used cleats.  With your support we can give kids around the world a chance to experience this beautiful game.  To help spread our goal we have also created our own Facebook page:

1k Cleats For Kids continues to add new partnerships every day…over +20 so far. 


  • We have received support from Heather O’Reilly. See Facebook.
  • We have registered to become a 501C organization, so we can start to receive $ donations.
  • We are purchasing flags and banners so we can have more of a presence at soccer tournaments.
  • At the end of Feb, we will start to pack and ship our first 1,000 cleats to Haiti (in coordination with our partner chefs4kids).
  • We are raising our next target for collection to 2,000 cleats.

Please if you have an extra pair of cleats or 5 lying around the house, get in contact with this great charity to donate them.  This is a great cause led by a great family, and your help and support will go a long way!  To sum up why you should truly donate, I will leave you with this excerpt from an essay from one of the children involved in 1K Cleats For Kids.

“A problem is every fall or spring soccer cleats are replaced or thrown out. This is mainly due to the fact that the cleats are too small. There are hundreds of clubs in just New Jersey,cleats4kids2 that means thousands of players. The amount of cleats that are being replaced each new season is by the thousands, just in New Jersey… We have started to work with Rush Soccer and have promised 1000 kids in Haiti the chance to experience the beautiful game. This makes me realize how far my family and I have come. What I would tell other young people about my experience would be how enlightening and eye opening this whole process has been. I have proven that it only takes a little bit of effort and a lot of passion to make a difference in the world, one kid at a time.”




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