NJ Cup – Girls Brackets – Early Analysis – U13G 2004

The purpose of this article is to create excitement around this year’s US Club New Jersey Cup.  It is very early, positive analysis of the U13G 2004 bracket, as I seek to build conversation throughout the NJ Travel Soccer Community.  This is just my perspective of the group(s) and I would love to hear yours, and you can do so by commenting at the bottom of this page.

NJ Cup – Early Analysis – U13G 2004

*There are 2 groups (Premier and Super) which I will review together.  There isn’t much of a first round here with just a few teams due to play prior to March 20th.  So I will cover the first group of games vs. the first round of games which I completed with the U11 and U12 ages.

Top Seeds (Super Group)                     Top Seeds (Premier Group)

SDFC 2004 Yellow                                  TBAA Sonic

NJ Crush Fire NPL                                   Manalapan Sting 04

SJEB 2004 Villarreal                               Princeton SA 04 NPL

STA MUSC 2004 NPL                              PDA Shore Sting 

Games To Watch – Deadline April 17th

  1. Harrison SC Dynamite vs. PDA Barcelona – You can really pick any of the games in the Super Group 1st round as one to watch.  I chose this
    Harrison Dynamite 2004G

    game because the teams haven’t met since the Central Jersey Invitational in July and both teams are battle tested at the 11v11 format.  Harrison has 7 GotSoccer recognized events since July and PDA Barca looks like they may be playing up an age group, which the club typically does when they have a very special team.

  2. NJ Stallions Academy Sting vs. Watchung Hills NJ Elite Rising Stars – Another Super Group game between 2 clubs just 30 minutes apart down the GSP.  Both of these teams has capped a lot of games at very high level and will be experienced enough to win.  The victor gets a date with NJ Crush and if the Stallions group goes through it will be Sting vs. Sting.  Not sure these teams have met in recent time, but I am sure they will be thoroughly prepared for this early season contest.
  3. FC Berna Legacy 04 Black vs. Marlboro SA 2004 Cyclones (Premier Group) – Two EDP teams that have experience and met as recently as the EDP Fall Classic in November.  FC Berna got the win, but the game was certainly close enough to warrant a shout out here.  Marlboro will need to cover the distance with a 45 mile trip up to Bernardsville, but is well traveled and has competed at a top level for years.  I personally have some familiarity with these teams, and attest to their quality, having run into both with a former 2004 girls team I trained.

Local Rivalry

Mercer FC 2004 vs. East Windsor PAL Evolution (Premier) – This is East Windsor vs. West Windsor and although you would think the clubs match up quite often, they don’t.  The PAL Fields to Community Park are a mere 15 minutes away, but this is the first time these two teams will have met.  East Windsor has been playing high level soccer since U9 and the birth year changes have developed a strong Mercer FC 04 team which should lead to a competitive game between 2 neighboring towns.

Final Notes:

  • Only 14 teams were brave enough to go for the Super Groupiscataway_lightningp title.
  • 34 teams entered the Premier Division.
  • There are 2 “first” round games to be played prior to March 20th.  Deptford Premier 04 hosts SJEB PSV 2004 and Pasco Crew hosts Piscataway Lightning.
  • A link to the U13G 2004 Super Group
  • A link to the U13G 2004 Premier Group
  • This is the first year all of the teams are competing in 11v11 games, as last season many of these teams had the opportunity to compete at 2 formats.  I wonder if those with the 11v11 experience will come out on top?

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