NJ Cup – Girls Brackets – Early Analysis U12G 2005

U12G 2005 NJ Cup Bracket Analysis

The purpose of this series of articles is simply to create excitement around the US Club New Jersey Cup.  This is an early analysis of the first round games in the U12 2005G age bracket.  As you will notice, everything I write is positive and I want to highlight local clubs as much as the privately owned ones.  Please join me by commenting at the bottom of the page any particular insight you may have into the group, but take into account it will always go through mediation.  That being said, here is my thoughts after taking a look at the initial matchups.

Top Seeds 

  • Watchung Hills NJ Elite 2005 Leeuwin
  • NJ Stallions Academy Wayne Utd 05 NPL Blue
  • TSF Academy 2005
  • West Morris 05 Premier Red

1st Round Matchups To Watch – Deadline March 20th

  1. Haddonfield 05 United vs. Harrison SC Gators – Two township club teams, separated by just 20 miles, and a wealth of top level games under their belts.  Haddonfield has won 16 of their 20 GotSoccer recognized games and Harrison has played 44 total!  The winner gets either a PDA or SJEB game which will be a deserved reward for a tough win in game 1.
  2. NJ Crush FC Impact (Morristown) vs. FC Sportika Academy (Manalapan) – EDP teams square off in this battle of private clubs.  Crush Impact is seasoned and is consistently challenged by the sister team the Bolts from the same club.  Sportika is an up and coming club that is completing a new facility in East-Central NJ.  I am sure for first round games, you won’t get a more contested one.

    CenterCourt FC 2005
  3. Centercourt FC Derby vs. Wall Strikers – The winner of this game gets a date with highly regarded PDA Flash, and both teams can compete with the best.  CFC (Gillette) will be taking the 75 minute trip to the beach side town which hopefully is a game worth the trip.


Local Rivalry

SDFC 2005 vs. Parsippany SC 2005 Blue – 1st Round games can bring local competition together and geographically these teams are just 16 miles away.  Soccer Domain based out of Montclair takes on the township club in Parsippany in what I am sure there is some familiarity between the two teams regardless of meeting in competition.

Final Notes

  • There are 53 teams entered in this age group!
  • A link to the U12G 9v9 NJ Cup Bracket
  • Watchung Hills NJ Elite 2005 Spurs and FCUSA NJ already have their game scheduled for 3/18 on turf.  Well done managers, as you are the only game scheduled in the bracket.
  • 11 teams received a bye in round 1 and are already a step closer to finals weekend.
  • If STA Morris 2005 or Bloomfield advance to the second round they are going to have a 2 hour drive to Hammonton to face SJEB.  A loss there may not hurt so bad.

    SJEB Fiorentina 2005G



3 thoughts on “NJ Cup – Girls Brackets – Early Analysis U12G 2005

  1. As coach of a local town 2005 team, I enjoy watching these matchup. We played in the less competitive NJ State Presidents Cup and made it to the 1/4 finals. ….Great article…as for my sleeper watch the very talented Howell Fire team. One of the best town teams we have played.


  2. The beauty of this tournament lies in the new age changes. Obviously, so many of these clubs that enter are private Academy (many called that and not certified) that pull kids in from all over NJat a cost. BUT, the team rankings here (and across all U groups) is mostly based on the past Got Soccer history and that history is checkered with teams that in many cases carried a higher number of the older year and less of the younger. In this case, some of these teams are ranked based on their old 04/05′ teams from 2015/16. As a coach of a municipal club that was already carrying mostly 05’s under the old regime, we are seeing very quickly that many teams “appear” stronger in old Got soccer world rankings and the age change has slid them a bit. This tournament should help provide (as does ongoing EDP) an ongoing cleaner look at who is who.


    1. Kevin, really appreciate the comment, and I agree this season more than ever we will see a lot of changes in the “rankings” with tournaments from a year ago expiring. It’s great to hear about successful municipal teams that were able to persevere through the age changes, I know it wasn’t easy for many and agree if you kept a true birth year team, you are probably finding success.. As long as kids are being coached and challenged properly I have no preference over township or private clubs and wish you and everyone in this tournament the best of luck.


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