NJ Cup Girls Brackets – Early Analysis – U11G 2006

U11G 2006 NJ Cup Bracket Analysis 

I don’t intend to add any pressure, but want to add excitement to the 2017 NJ Cup tournament so I am going to go bracket by bracket to take a look at some first round games to look forward to in early March (weather permitting).  What I want from our readers is a response and comments (bottom of page) regarding teams and matchups they think will be really fun to start the season.  Any insight into great teams or players would be appreciated!

Top Seeds

  • STA 2006 NPL
  • NJ Crush FC Blitz
  • PDA Lightning
  • NJ Stallions Wayne United 06 Blue

1st Round Matchups to Watch – Deadline March 20th

  • PSA Sporting vs. Soccer For Life Lloyd – Both teams had strong Fall Seasons with EDP 3rd place league finishes.  They even matched up against each other in a preseason kickoff tournament in the Fall in South Brunswick where PSA got the best of SFL.  My U-11G were actually in the same flight and I think both teams showed great technical ability for their age.  Tough first round draw for both teams.
  • PDA Shore Shockwave vs. STA 2006G EDP – Two big name clubs with a lot of success in this tournament in the past.  Don’t sleep on U11 teams because they don’t have GotSoccer points.  With the STA 2006 NPL team top of the age group right now, I imagine the EDP team has a lot of quality as well.  PDA of Toms River may be at the beginning stages, but the surname attracts talent.  Winner gets a date with top seed NJ Crush Blitz in Morristown.

Local Rivalry

Wycoff Torpedos Farr vs. Parsippany SC 2006 Blue – I love early round games because there are always a couple played so close to home.  These towns are separated by just 21 miles and 22 minutes down 287 (on a good day).  I am sure the teams will know each other and the clubs are familiar making for a fun competition with an added element on the parent sideline.

Final Notes

  • 50 teams are entered at this age group!
  • SJEB and SWSA (Swedesboro) already have their game scheduled for March 19th.  Talk about being proactive.
  • There are 4 PDA teams in this Bracket – That’s a 12.5% chance of there club winning the age group.
  • A link to the 2006G NJ Cup Bracket



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