U.S. PARMA Tournament – Open Spots – Full Sided and Small Sided

The U.S. PARMA Spring Kickoff Tournament is looking to fill open slots for their 2017 – 1 day events.  This is a great opportunity to get early season gamewardlaw-hartridge-turf-fieldss in to warm up for the season ahead and teams don’t need to commit to an entire weekend of soccer.  The tournament takes place at the Wardlaw Hartridge School in Edison, NJ on all turf fields so there is little chance the March weather cancels it out.

Here is a list of the spots the tournament is looking to fill:


Boys Showcase (U15, U16, U17, U18/19)

U15 Boys (02) – 1 spot open

Tournament Date: 3/19/17

Information & Registration: http://www.usparma.com/kickoffTournament.html

Girls Showcase (U16, U17, U18/19)

U17 Girls (00) – 1 spot openparma-tournament-photo-1

U18/19 Girls (99/98) – 2 spots open

Tournament Date: 3/26/17

Information & Registration: http://www.usparma.com/kickoffTournament.html


08 (U9), 07 (U10), 06 (U11), 05 (U12) Boys and Girls Teams

U9 Boys (08) – 2 spots open

U9 Girls (08) – 4 spots open

U10 Boys (07) – 2 spots open

U10 Girls (07) – 4 spots open

U11 Boys (06) – 2 spots open

U11 Girls (06) – 3 spots open

U12 Boys (05) – 2 spots open

Tournament Date: 4/15/17

Information & Registration: http://www.usparma.com/kickoffTournament.html

*This is a GotSoccer Tournament and all teams are guaranteed 3 – 50 minute games with a 3 referee system.  For more information visit the tournament home site in any of the links above.

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