EDP League Schedule Release Date

I received an email today from EDP League Director John Pomeo titled “Schedule Release Update.”  It was short and sweet, as I assume he was hoping to get it out by today (Friday 1/27), but dealt with a number of flight requests over the last couple days.  Here is the entire email word for word, with release date announced:

edp“Coach / Manager

We will be releasing the schedules on Monday 1/30.

We are sorry for an inconvenience, and appreciate your patience.

Thank you,

                                         John Pompeo
                                         League Admin”

Honestly, I don’t believe he has anything to apologize for…  I applaud EDP for getting the backbone of the schedule out so early and giving Coaches and Managers ample time to tinker with the dates and times.  Just remember the original schedule is just that, a backbone.  Coaches will be given a deadline to have all games scheduled in the future, and I will follow up with that information as it is released.

Check back to NJTravelSoccerBlog.com on Monday as I will have the full schedule link so parents and players can start planning for their Spring weekend travel.

EDP Boys Week 1 Games are scheduled for: March 25th and 26th

EDP Girls Week 2 Games are scheduled for:  April 1st and 2nd



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