EDP Preliminary Brackets Announced

EDP Soccer has Trumped the Presidential Inauguration and released its preliminary brackets to all coaches and club admins via email as of 9AM this morning (1/20).  This is a pretty exciting email to receive as a coach, because you get to see where you were placed and who your opponents will (probably) be in the Spring 2017 season.  This is far from final, and requests will undoubtedly be made to those who believe they were over or under flighted.  I thought to myself, why not share this with all the parents and players as well via njtravelsoccerblog.com, and create some additional commotion!  You can find it on the EDP home page as well under the “leagues” tab.

Here is the link from EDP:  EDP Spring 2017 Preliminary Bracketsflemingtonedp

If you look closely when the new page opens it shows that there are 2,423 teams accepted and listed to EDP this season.  Of course this is a regional league (from MD to NY), but wow EDP has done well for itself in a short period of time as an elite travel soccer league for NJ teams.

Teams have until Wednesday (1/25) at Noon to submit appeals online via a private link only.  So if you think your flight is not quite the right fit you had better let your coach know ASAP.

Examining the current brackets (Use the Comment Section Below):  What are some great matchups or rivalries you are looking forward to seeing this season?  


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