NJ Cup Registration Deadline Feb 1st!

2017njcupThe 2017 New Jersey Cup registration deadline is just 2 weeks away with a closure date of February 1st.  There sure looks like there are plenty of applied teams at this point with 652 listed as of January 17th.  You can access the list of teams entered with the link HERE.

The NJ Cup is a great one and done tournament (unless you want to win the consolation bracket) that offers bracket style play and a season long competition that commences with the Championship weekend on May 6-7th to be played in North Brunswick this season.  In past years the semi-finals and finals were played in Holmdel at Cross Farm Park, but perhaps they are going with a little more centrally located field site in 2017.  They offer two flights at all age groups other than U18/19 with Premier and Super Group divisions.  The Super Groups champions are then invited to the US Club National Finals and Premier Group champions head to the National Regional.

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  • Who are some favorites to win their bracket this season?



NLSA U17B Arsenal – 2016 NJ Cup Champions

Remember this is a US Club carded event and NO NJYS passes are allowed.  Players are also only allowed to play for 1 team, even if they are in separate age groups.  Due to US Club’s flexibility, it is easy to move players around and when rosters can be difficult to fill on weeknight games, sometimes teams get desperate and use players from younger teams in their club.  I had a surprising experience in the 2016 NJ Cup that should scare coaches away from doing this in the future….

A team I currently coach played a really tight third round game last season that ended in an 0-1 loss on an entirely flukey, miss-hit cross, that ended up in the far corner.  There was nothing anyone can do about it, including my goalie who dove backwards and got her fingertips on it, just one of those perfectly placed balls that is destined to win a game.  It was a really strong game on both sides of the ball and although a little disappointed with the result, my team was happy with the way they played.  We were eliminated from the cup just 2 games from Championship weekend, but there would be new life….  Turns out the team we played had a player turn up on 2 rosters submitted to the NJ Cup that week and therefore both teams (who had won their games) were forced to forfeit.  Now I do not like advancing like that, but we did play another game (which we also lost 0-1).  It is just a lesson out there to all the coaches and club admins who may think they can supplement a team with younger players from another team in the organization.  Rules are rules, and NJ Cup will uphold them!

I hope everyone is looking forward to kicking off the Spring season and remember that the NJ Cup first round can often be your first game on the schedule.  So hopefully you are training and playing in winter and keeping your team fit for those cold March contests that can often be won by the more prepared team.


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