NJ Youth Soccer State Cups Limited to 32 Teams

njysNew Jersey Youth Soccer has decided to limit all their State Cup Tournament options (National Championship Series, President’s Cup, and Commissioner’s Cup) to just 32 teams for the Fall 2016 season.   This may bring back a little exclusivity to the NJYS tournament play, but could leave a handful teams on a wait list with big aspirations for the Fall.

NJ Youth Soccer released this statement yesterday:

“In light of the recent changes from US Soccer and to give teams more time to form their rosters, we are postponing the registration deadline for the NJYS State Cups (i.e. National Championship Series, Presidents Cup and Commissioners Cup) one full week.  As a result, the revised registration deadline is Monday, September 12 th and the competition calendar will be adjusted so that the first play date will not begin until the weekend of September 24 th .  This will allow more opportunity for teams to participate while not negatively impacting teams that have registered by the initial deadline communicated.

As a result of this change, the maximum number of teams in an age bracket and grouping will be 32 teams.  In the event that we reach that capacity, we will inform teams accordingly.

Thank you for your cooperation and support as we work with our youth soccer partners during what may be a transition that is challenging for some clubs and teams.


NJ Youth Soccer”

The NJ State Cups are always fun tournaments with increased levels of anxiety on and off the field due to the one and done format.  It could cost you a pretty penny if you get matched up against last year’s State Cup champ, but in a year of uncertainty due to the US Youth Soccer changes, I say if you have confidence in your team, go for it!  Just you had better get your registrations in now, because if you wait too long you will get locked out.

For more information from NJYS on the tournament play, use the link HERE.

New Jersey Youth National Championship Series – Open to U12 (2005), U13 (2004), and U14 (2003)  Boys and Girls – with chance to move into Regional play!

New Jersey President’s Cup – Open to U12 (2005), U13, (2004), and U14 (2003) Boys and Girls – In State Play Only

New Jersey Commissioner’s Cup – Open to U11 (2006), U12 (2005), U13 (2004), and U14 (2003) – A new Cup designed for teams a little less competitive, but want the State Cup format in their season ahead!





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