State of the Art Soccer Dome Facility & Timeless Principles with Soccer Centers

Soccer continues to be a growth sport in America, where New Jersey is home to hundreds of clubs and dozens of facilities. A recent, state of the art 44,00 square foot Dome facility built in Somerset NJ has made Soccer Centers the largest indoor and outdoor training center in the Tri-State area. Climate control is a critical component to successful all-year soccer training. Whereas traditional grass or inferior turf products are subject to the elements, Soccer Center’s patented turf technology and upgraded Dome structure built in 2015 ensure perfect playing conditions whether in the scorching summer weather, or chilling February winters.

Ball Skills Matter: Dutch Training Philosophy


Soccer Centers is home to Dutch Total Soccer, a full-service camp and training program for youth and adults of all skill levels. It’s based on the Dutch philosophy of ball skills as the core to developing complete soccer players. By focusing on individual skill sets, more robust group play can unfold through the synergy of high end skilled players. Because everything in soccer revolves around the ability to control the ball through dribbling, passing, trapping, and shooting, the Dutch have produced consistently great teams and expert coaches, who take the same approach to their teaching, groups are made of individuals and all training needs to emphasize the one as well as the group simultaneously.

Maintained Fields: Outdoor Training Weather Permitting


Outdoor soccer fields can often be unkempt and impact the level and quality of play on the pitch. Soccer Centers not only boasts a large Dome Facility for indoor play, but also maintains outdoor fields during the warmer months. Play includes youth camps, youth leagues (both girls and boys), adult men’s leagues, over 30 men’s leagues. With a multitude of options, Soccer Centers mission is to make soccer accessible and fun to everyone in a family friendly environment. Even the referees for leagues are certified. It’s a professionally run operation with rankings actively updated on the main website along with prizes and trophies.

Field Hockey: Soccer’s Sister Sport on the Rise


Many parents expressed an interest in having their young girls enrolled in field hockey on the premises. With field hockey training and games added, it’s been a resounding success, as enrollment in field hockey has skyrocketed at Soccer Centers. In fact, in Colorado girls were being turned away because demand was outpacing the amount of trainers, leagues and facilities. The mission statement of enticing girls into sports, whether soccer or field hockey can not be devalued, as girls are 6 times likelier than boys to drop out of sports athletics.

Youth Soccer & Sports is the Future of New Jersey


Like most sports, children learn to fall in love with soccer at an early age. Soccer Centers has dedicated, world class trainers, classically tutored under the Dutch style of soccer. New Jersey is home to some of the most competitive league soccer play, with participants traveling from Pennsylvania, New York and even Delaware to compete at Soccer Centers. The day and overnight camps help children learn to love soccer in a safe, fun environment, often forming friendships which extend far beyond the green fields and painted white lines. Sports teach teamwork, accountability, winning, losing, respect, hard work, and form the basis of a healthy adult, ready to fill any future role, whether husband, mother, employer, employee, or superstar professional.


NJ Soccer Centers

300 Memorial Drive, Somerset, NJ 08873

Phone: 732-748-GOAL (4625)             Fax: 732-764-6004

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