Coaches, need a Quality Soccer Ball? I got it – Adidas Nativo NHFS Top Training Ball.

As a coach who is on the field nearly every day for 1adidasnativo.jpg0 months out
of the year I am always on the search for a quality training ball that will last.  Normally I look in the $20-$25 range and last year’s model to guarantee that I find one that will hold up.  This year I went a little out of my price range, but I will tell you I found a solid ball.  It is the Adidas Nativo NHFS Top Training Ball.  Seen in the picture here:

It’s $39.99 a ball at World Soccer Shop , but I bought mine at Ewing Sports where I bought 20 in bulk and got a good deal.  I needed size 4’s and 5’s because I coach at all age groups.  So yes, I look like a pack mule heading to my training sessions…

The ball has held up so well since my purchase 2 months ago.  My 6 year olds can handle the weight of the size four, but at the same time they are great for the U11s.  My U23s have used the fives on training and EDP game days.  No shape has been lost, it doesn’t scuff easily (U23s have been hitting fences with them), and my favorite part is that  I literally have not had to put air in them a 2nd time!   This can be a chore, and an extra 15 minutes trainers must account for prior to training.  I am really happy with this product right now and recommend them to any coach or player looking to upgrade for the Fall 2016 season.  My only issue would be that it gets dirty very quick on turf, but what ball doesn’t?

I know a lot a11-033g_14of trainers that go with the Select packs, but I don’t personally love the feel of them as they are light and can take off on you unless you buy the higher end ball.  I have gone Nike in the past as well, but have not seen the long term quality there yet.  My question to the NJ coaches is if you have found a mid-range priced ball that is built to last?  If so, please share!

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