Three NJ Teams Win US Club National Cup in Colorado!

A week after the NPL Finals in Colorado are the US Club National Cup XV Finals in which qualifiers from all over the United States meet to compete from U13-U17 for both boys and girls.  I am proud to say 3 New Jersey teams won their National Cup flights and brought home Championship trophies.  Those teams were:  Marlboro SA Warriors U17B (featured image), Match Fit Academy FC 00′ Black U16B, and Jackson Red Bulls U13B.  In total NJ sent 7 Boys teams (3 Champions and 2 Finalists) and 7 girls teams (2 Finalists) across the country to compete.  New Jersey was well represented and this is just more evidence why we are one of the best states for soccer in the country.  Congrats to everyone who participated and especially to those that went all the way to Colorado and can call themselves National Cup Champions!

Marlboro SA U17B – Super Group Champions

5-1 Win vs. Sporting St. Croix Premier U-17-Boys-Super-Group-champion-Marlboro-Warriors

3-0 Win vs. Lonestars 99 Boys Red SA

3-1 Win vs. Aztec Soccer Boys Black

2-1 Win vs. Holmdel FC NJX Sounders

*An all NJ finals in the Super U17B group is impressive!

Match Fit Academy FC 00′ Black U16B – Super Group Champions

MatchFit U16Bampions

5-0 Win vs. Hawaii Rush 2000B

5-2 Win vs. Marin FC B00 Blue

2-0 Win vs. Crossfire Premier B00A Lawrence

2-1 Win vs. Marin FC 99/00B Blue (different team than game 2)

*Only a single goal conceded and it was in the final, that must be a stout defense!

Jackson SC Red Bulls U13B – Premier Group Champions

2-1 Win vs. Campton United MDL 2003

Jackson SC Red Bulls

2-0 Win vs. Eastside FC 03 Red

4-0 Win vs. Union Sacramento FC 03 Boys

3-1 Win vs. Campton United MDL 2003 (Rematch)

*A true champion with 4 straight wins to take the title.

NJ National Cup Finalists Deserve Recognition:

  • STA Morris United NPL – U15B Super Group
  • Holmdel FC NJX Sounders – U17B Super Group
  • STA NPL 01 – U14G Super Group
  • WWPSA Mercer FC Magic – U16G Premier Group
Mercer FC Magic U16G

Other Competing NJ Teams Include:

TSF Academy 02/03 U13B, Wall SC Cosmos U14B, PDA Shore Wave U13G, NJ Wildcats Averbuch U14G, FC Copa Roma U15G, FC Copa Milan U16G, FC Copa Celeste U17G.




If you would like to share your experience from the tournament, please reply at the bottom of this post or email and we will get you online!


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