What Are Your Go To Pair Of Cleats?

Players, what are your favorite goldronaldpair of cleats and why?

It could be the pair you are wearing right now, or ones you are nostalgic over.  Like my gold Ronaldinho’s that will forever be the most comfortable cleat I have worn (yes, all gold, and still got’em).

Cleats these days run over $300 with customization and last 3 months if you use them enough.  Those thin slice of kangaroo leather can’t always hold up to how hard NJ soccer players tend to play.  However, I want to know what is the best boot out there?  It could come down to comfort, feel, style, or attitude.  Let’s just get a feel for what the NJ Soccer Community is wearing right now and why?

Adidas and Nike rule the market, but Puma, Diadora, Kelme, and Under Armour continue to produce quality product in a further emerging market.  Even lines like CR7s, Hypervenom, Mercurial Superfly, and Adizero have found niches within a niche market.  It is pretty cool that there are so many options and I love looking at my soccer.com mag every month in the mail, so I think this is a viable topic.  What are the hottest cleats out there NJ, and more importantly how do you keep getting your parents to buy you new ones?

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