NJ Cup Finals Set

All NJ Cup Finals are set and some games have already kicked off this Sunday 5/8 and Mother’s Day.  I am sure Mothers around NJ are happy to watch their sons and daughters compete in such a high level competition and now at the final stage.  Just like the rest of the tournament this is a one game winner-take-all format and I am positive players and coaches will be laying it all on the line for chance of being part of a State Championship.  The best of NJ will be on hand and all of these teams deserve recognition for navigating their brackets and making it to Sunday.  Every team competing today has earned my respect as well as the soccer community and I wish everyone the best in a healthy happy final day of NJ Cup.

Boys Teams in the Finals:

U10B:  FC Elite Cosmos vs. MatchFit Holmdel NJX Ajax

U11B:  PDA Bergkamp vs. NJ Elite PSV. Top 2 Gotsoccer rated teams proved to be just that.

U12B 11v11:  Cedar Stars Academy Green vs. SDFC Mercury

U12B 8v8:  Real NJ Spurs vs. Bridgewater SA Spurs.  At least one team named after Tottenham will actually win a title this year.

U13B  Premier:  Future SA vs. Jackson Red Bulls.  Not sure what happened in the PK’s between PDA Figo and Red Bulls, but originally PDA was listed as finalists.  Turns around the club team from Jackson who has been red hot all season gets to play.  Can anyone clarify?

U14B Premier:  Harrison SC Vipers vs. Teaneck Stingrays.  Two township clubs meet, and I love to hear that over the “private academies” that typically dominate this day.

U14B Super:  Wall Cosmos vs. NJ Stallions Academy.  The Cosmos from Wall were my header picture for the semi-finals article and beat the host club to get here, good luck to both teams though.

U15B Premier:  Jersey United Spartans vs. Kearny United Reds.  

U15B Super:  STA Morris United vs. Washington United Arsenal.  

U16B Premier:  Toms River FC Newcastle vs. Pasco Fire.  Both teams posted shut outs in the semi-finals to get here.  One mistake could be the difference.

U16B Super:  SJEB vs. TSF Academy.  1-0 Wins for both sides in the semi-finals makes for a suspenseful final today.

U17B Premier:  NJ Stallions Academy vs. Next Level Arsenal.  Shutouts throughout the State Cup other than PKs in the quarter final might give Next Level a leg up.

U17B Super:  Stronghold Falcons vs. NJCSA Marlboro Warriors.  #8 and #9 in the GotSoccer Rankings are looking to move up the board.  This is the game to do so.

U18/19B:  Freehold Phantoms vs. Cedar Stars Academy Newark.  U18 #1 Phantoms go head to head with U19 #1 Cedar Stars.  This has to be an extremely high level game.

Girls Teams In The Finals:

U10G:  TSF Academy vs. PDA Lightning.  Two young teams starting out their soccer careers off on the right foot.

U11G:  STA Morris United vs. PDA Strikers.  A 2nd young PDA team flexes their muscle, but against an established club in STA Morris.

U12G 11v11:  PDA Lyon vs. PDA Shore.  This is becoming a trend… and the newly formed PDA Shore looks to show it can compete against one of the best young teams in the State in Lyon.

U12G 8v8:  NJ Wildcats Lopez vs. Bricktown Angels.  In the final 8v8 State Cup format.

U13G Premier:  Mount Laurel United Pride vs. Freehold Arsenal Blue.  I have seen both teams in competition and they are physical and athletic.  Probably a 1 goal result on the way.

U13G Super:  NJ Rush 02 Blue vs. NJ Rush 02 Grey.  This will be a very chippy game regardless of the same club.  Blue from Glouchester and Grey from Hamilton are miles apart, but equally talented.  If I was in Holmdel, I would be watching this one.

U14G Premier:  NJ Crush Tsunami vs. PDA Shore Freedom.  

U14G Super:  NJ Wildcats Averbuch vs. PDA Ajax.  I think at this point it is safe to say PDA has cornered the market for very talented girls teams.  This marks their 6th competing in a final.

U15G Premier:  B’Elite Development Chaos vs. Marlton JPS Premier.  Two teams I have seen multiple times, both are skilled and organized.  It will be close.

U15G Super:  Princeton SA IGFA vs. SJEB 00.  This PSA team has been dominant for some time, SJEB will have some task to overtake them.

U16G Premier:  NJ Crush Crossfire vs. NJ Crush Tornados.  Another situation where two teams from the same club were forced to face off.  I am sure they know each other well.

U16G Super:  Toms River FC Everton vs. FC Copa Academy Milan.  I have heard very impressive things about this Copa team.  Although the gauntlet Toms River has gotten through is worth note.

U17G Premier:  NJ Crush Charge vs. STA Morris United.  It took just two games to get here for both teams, but it is still equally important.

U17G Super:  FC Copa Academy Celeste vs. STA Morris United. The girls finals seem to be dominated by just a few big name clubs, and there is no difference here.

U18/19G:  TSF Academy vs. Princeton SA IGFA. PSA won games 8-0, 7-0, and 6-0 on their road here.  That is pretty darn impressive.



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