NJ Cup Finals Weekend

The NJ Cup concludes this weekend, May 7th and 8th, at Cross Farm Park in Holmdel, NJ with semi-final and final games all set to take place.  Congratulations are in order to all the teams that worked so hard to get this far!  I have listed all the teams competing this weekend below and have included some notes to recognize clubs, teams and key games from the weekend.  If you are attending I would love to hear about your experience and you can always add to my post in the reply section below.  Hopefully the weather holds up as we just can’t seem to get out of this NJ rainy and cloudy stretch.

Semi-Finalists Boys:

NJ CupU10 Boys:  GAK Kickers Heat vs. FC Elite Cosmos, Titanes Delfines vs. Holmdel MatchFit

U11 Boys:  Rutgers SA Fire vs. PDA Bergkamp, NJ Elite PSV vs. Sportfriends United

U12 Boys 11v11:  NJ Elite vs. Cedar Stars Green, Mercer FC Celtic vs. SDFC Mercury

U12 Boys 8v8:  Real NJ Spurs vs. Marlboro (NJCSA) Select, Bridgewater Hotspurs vs. Rancocas Valley Red Devils

U13 Boys Premier:  Future SA vs. Torpedos United, Jackson Red Bulls vs. PDA Figo

U13 Boys Super:  TSF Academy vs. Stafford Gunners, FC Copa Sporting vs. Cherry Hill FC Scorpions

U14 Boys Premier:  Cedar Stars Academy Newark vs. Harrison SC Vipers, Roxbury Avalanche vs. Teaneck Stingrays

U14 Boys Super:  Wall Cosmos vs. Holmdel NJX Galaxy, NJ Stallions Academy vs. Bloomfield Cheetah Thunder

U15 Boys Premier:  Jersey United Spartans vs. Princeton FC Everton, Kearny United Reds vs. Highland YSC Assault

U15 Boys Super:  STA Morris United NPL vs. Ocean Twn Spartans, Washington United Arsenal vs. TSF Academy Blue

U16 Boys Premier:  NASA United Real Madrid vs. Toms River FC Newcastle, Pasco Fire vs. Rancocas Valley Blaze

NASA United Real Madrid U16B

U16 Boys Super:  Den of Lions Mustangs vs. SJEB 99, TSF Academy vs Match Fit Black

U17 Boys Premier:  NJ Stallions Academy vs. PDA South Union, Wall Hurricanes vs. Next Level Arsenal

U17 Boys Super:  Stronghold Falcons vs. STA Morris United NPL, SJEB 98 vs. Marlboro (NJCSA) Warriors

U18/19 Boys:  Freehold Phantoms vs. TSF Academy, Cedar Stars Academy Newark vs. FC Copa NPL 97

Boys Clubs Leading the Way – Most Teams Involved

Cedar Stars Academy (5) and TSF Academy (4) have very impressive showings.  FC Copa, Nj Stallions, SJEB, Holmdel MatchFit, NJ Elite, STA Morris United and Rancocas Valley all have 2 teams competing.

Key Games This Saturday – 

  1. Mercer FC Celtic vs. SDFC Mercury U12B 11v11 – these teams have already played twice this year in tournament and EDP competition.  Round 3 is even more significant and I am sure the coaches will be preparing diligently this week.
  2. Wall SC Cosmos vs.  Holmdel NJX Galaxy United U14B Super – Wall is the GotSoccer #1 team and NJX is playing on their home turf as the GS #3 team.  This gam
    e is destined for a 1 goal differential and I wish I had the chance to see it play out.
  3. STA Morris United NPL vs. Ocean Township Spartans U15B Super – Two accomplished teams that do not lose often makes for an awesome semi-final game.

    Ocean Twn Spartans U15B
  4. Pasco Fire vs. Rancocas Valley Blaze U16B Premier – Small name clubs face off in a big time game and these two have been in this exact situation just 6
    weeks ago.  They faced off in an EDP Easter Showcase final where Pasco came off with a 1-0 win.  That tells me this game will be intense until the finish.

Semi-Finalists Girls:

U10 Girls:  Harrison Gators vs. TSF Academy, PDA Lightning vs. NJ Wildcats

U11 Girls:  STA Morris United NPL vs. Bergen Bulldogs Sky, PDA Strikers vs. TBAA Sonic

U12 Girls 11v11:  PDA Lyon vs. SDFC Galaxy Yellow, Vorhees Extreme vs. PDA Shore Freedom

U12 Girls 8v8:  FC Copa Academy Madrid vs. NJ Wildcats Lopez, Bricktown Angels vs. Millville Pride

U13 Girls Premier:  Mount Laurel United Pride vs. STA Morris United, Twin County Storm vs. Freehold Arsenal Blue

U13 Girls Super:  NJ Rush 02 Blue vs. NJ Crush Flames NPL, NJ Rush 02 Grey vs. TSF Academy

NJ Rush 02 Blue U13 Girls

U14 Girls Premier:  NJ Crush Tsunami vs. NJ Elite Fusion, PDA Shore Fusion vs. OCean Twn United Hurricanes

U14 Girls Super:  Jersey Shore Boca Jr Fusion vs. NJ Wildcats Averbuch, PDA Ajax vs. NJ Wildcats Galaxy

U15 Girls Premier:  Union Crimson Tide vs. B’Elite Player Development Chaos, Marlton GPS Crush vs. NJ Rush 00 Blue

U15 Girls SupeNJCrushr:  Princeton SA IGFA NPL vs. NJ Elite Flames, SJEB NPL vs. STA Morris United NPL

U16 Girls Premier:  NJ Crush Crossfire vs. NJ Stallions Academy Storm, Princeton SA IGFA NPL vs. NJ Crush Tornadoes

U16 Girls Super:  Toms River FC Everton vs. SJEB 99, FC Copa 99 NPL Milan vs. Mercer FC Magic

U17 Girls Premier:  NJ Crush Charge vs. Bridgewater United Piranhas, STA Morris United 98 vs. Jersey United Spartans

U17 Girls Super:  FC Copa Academy 98 NPL Celeste vs. Mount Laurel United Magic, STA Morris United NPL 98 vs. NJ Wildcats Lady Strikers NPL

U18/19 Girls:  MatchFit Academy NJX Academy Juventus vs. TSF Academy, Princeton SA IGFA Tigres NPL vs. Medford Strikers Academy

Girls Club Leading the Way – Most Teams Involved

PDA (5), NJ Wildcats (5), TSF Academy (3), Princeton SA IGFA (3), NJ Crush (3), NJ Rush (3)  Those are some impressive numbers for some very recognizable clubs, I just hope trainer conflicts didn’t come into play and everyone gets to coach their team!

Key Games This Saturday – 

TBAA Sonic U11G
  1. PDA Strikers vs. TBAA Sonic U11G – The PDA Strikers have done nothing but flash dominance in their road to this game with no goals against and an impressive 6-0 result in the quarters.  TBAA has already beaten one PDA team and a few other big clubs to get here in a match that will be a great barometer for girls soccer future in New Jersey.
  2. SDFC Galaxy Yellow vs. PDA Lyon U12G 11v11 – GotSoccer #1 and #2 teams face off in maybe one of the best girls age groups in recent history.  These two may be the cream of the crop, but PDA Lyon got the best of SDFC to a 5-1 score line in Manhattan earlier this year.
  3. Princeton SA IGFA vs. NJ Elite Flames U15G Super– This game deserves recognition because of Princeton SA IGFA inclusion.  This team has a very impressive resume, and if I were at the fields, I would stop by this game on Saturday on Field 8 at 12:30PM.  NJ Elite is incredibly organized though and will undoubtedly give them a closer game than their previous two.
  4. FC Copa Academy Celeste vs. Mount Laurel United Magic U17G Super– There definitely will be college level talent in this game.  FC Copa (GS #1) is returning from CA, FL, and VA to show why they are the top talent NJ has to offer, but Mt. Laurel Magic are well-seasoned and do not give up goals, so they will give Copa everything they have to offer.


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