Who is the Best NJ Soccer Player You Have Played Against?

This is a question for the players in New Jersey Travel Soccer to acknowledge great athletes you have matched up against in the Spring 2016.  I think the community would like to know who the great young players are in the State and honestly, the players know best!  Of course it is easy to say yourself, but lets show some humility and recognize the best in competition and show admiration to your opponents regardless of results.  I am sure the next Tobin Heath is out there somewhere.

Provide the Details (Using Reply Section Below):

  • The Game:  Date, Location, League, etc…
  • The Player:  Name, Jersey Number, Position and Team
  • Why they Stood Out:  Goals Scored, speed, athleticism, strength, work ethic, etc…

Any other information you could think of will be great, let’s just keep it positive as any negative comments toward players will not be posted!  I look forward to hearing about the great travel soccer players in New Jersey.


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