PDA Spring Kickoff Review

The highly competitive PDA Spring Kickoff Tournament (U8-U14) took place this past weekend April 9th and 10th.  Playing through the cold, windy, and often wintry elements on Saturday must have been tough, but the creme of the crop in NJ soccer was on hand competing with teams from all over Region 1 and beyond (including Pittsburgh, and Massachusetts).  This meant that there was great soccer to be played, and although the younger age groups were canceled, so many tough kids, parents, and coaches, prepared to weather the storm and competition and play on.

I would love to hear you share your experience at the PDA Spring Kickoff using the comment section below!  I am sure there were great games and awesome moments from our NJ teams that need to be heard by the soccer community.

Top NJ Teams in Competition:

U11B:  NJ Elite PSV (GS 1), PDA Bergkamp (GS 2), Harrison SC Force (GS 13)

U11G:  STA Morris United 04 NPL (GS 1), PDA Strikers (GS 2), West Morris SC (GS 5), NJ Elite Leeuwin (GS 6), Middletown Crush (GS 7), Bergen Bulldogs 05 (GS 12)

U12B:  Mercer FC Celtic (GS 6), PDA Azurri (GS19)

U12G: PDA Lyon (GS 2), Bergen Bulldogs (GS 6), PDA Zizou (GS 11), Harrison Dynamite (GS 15), TSF Academy (GS 18)

U13B:  PDA Drogba (GS 2), FC Copa Sporting (GS 8), Wall Snipers (GS 13), PDA South Vadar (GS 14)

U13G:  NJ Rush o2 Girls Blue (GS 1), PDA Shore Wave (GS 3), STA Morris United (GS 4), Cherry Hill FC Destroyers (GS 6), PDA Galaxy (GS 7), NJ Rush Girls Grey (GS 8), TSF Academy (GS 10)

U14B:  PDA Kaka White (GS 2), PDA Kaka Blue (GS 7), Delran Future (GS 11), Passaic Youth Soccer Sharks (GS 15)

U14G:  PDA Storm (GS 5), STA Morris United (GS 10), TSF Academy (GS 12), PDA Dragons (GS 14), MatchFit Academy NE (GS 16), Mercer FC Spurs (GS 17)

New Jersey teams that won their bracket!

U11B:  PDA Bergkamp scored 31 goals in 5 games and won their final 5-0.  Conceding just 3 goals, this is a team to watch in the future!  Harrison SC Force went undefeated in their bracket narrowly taking down the hosts in the final 1-0.

U11G:  NJ Elite Leeuwin swept their bracket and in fairness was probably under-flighted as I have played them with my U11G and they are a very talented team.

U12B:  Mercer FC Celtic outplayed the competition allowing just 3 goals in their 5 games enroute to a perfect record and title.

U12G:  PDA Lyon actually did not concede a goal in their tournament victory.  PDA Shore Freedom kept made it two titles for the home club in this age group.

U13B:  PDA Drogba had to top PDA Figo to win their title.  PDA Xavi backed it up by winning their flight.

U13G:  NJ Rush Blue won a tough final against NEFC Elite (MA) to take their medals home after a 2-1 score line.  TSF Academy won a talented NJ stacked bracket to earn their trophy with a 1-0 final win against the hosts.  NJ Rush Grey did not give up a goal making it a second championship for the Mercer based club team.

U14B:  PDA Kaka Blue upset PDA Kaka White to get the bragging rights at U14 for the near future.

U14G:  MatchFit Academy NE won a highly contested bracket with their undefeated run.


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