Game Day Grub 4/3 – Cranford

For the first time in my 10 years of youth soccer coaching, I was blessed with traveling to 1 town in a weekend for 3 consecutive games 1Pm, 2:30PM, and 4PM in Cranford, NJ all at the same site.  The soccer Gods and schedulers were in my favor and I must thank Cranford soccer club for arranging these contests.  As always, I plotted out my grub spot for the weekend, and because I needed something quick I turned my attention to Subology right in the heart of town and just 5 minutes from my field.

Subology is just what it sounds, a sandwich place that does subs 101, with good meat (boar’s head) and great bread that serves all your standards (turkey, ham, and roast beef) as well as hot, and gourmet heroes and wraps.  You can get in and out in 5 minutes if you are in a pinch, or can sit down in a clean and friendly environment reminiscent of your local NJ deli.  Oh, and their subs look like this…


I went with the turkey pesto sandwich, served on a hero that reminded me of a thick Martin’s potato roll, that was soft, but strong to hold the meat and veggies in place.  I am obsessed with pesto on a sandwich, and that’s what drew me to this selection and the pesto sauce did not disappoint with a mayo-like consistency that was prevalent in every bite.  The boar’s head pepper turkey was as fresh as possible and there was plenty of it.  Topped with tomato and spinach this specialty sandwich option tasted gourmet, but still like the standard sub that you desire when you are in the mood for this type of meal.  If I had to be picky I would say that I prefer the Mozzarella in the fresh variety, but there was enough of it to balance out the bites.  The bread was the hero of the sandwich as it added so much flavor and consistency to the sub.  It was something when I was done, I wanted more, but was plenty satisfied with what I just had, because it was a big sandwich with big flavor for an affordable cost.  

This place is great for lunch or post-game, but just remember to avoid the carbs within 2 hours of any contest.  Although parking may be tough in the center of town, you can get in and out fast and get to the field in no time, sub in hand.  If I was a parent, I would have one of these guys on my lap on the sidelines for sure.

  • Game Location:  Hillside Avenue School, 115 Hillside Avenue, Cranford, NJ (right off exit 136 on the GSP)
  • Restaurant Address:  17 North Avenue W, Cranford, NJ 07016 (5 minutes from field)
  • Parking:  On Street, or in Wells Fargo Parking Lot
  • Kids Menu:  No
  • Weekend Hours:  Saturday 11AM-7PM, Sunday 11AM-4PM
  • Recommended Options:  Prosciutto Ham Capicola Salami (their true italian), Roast Beef Sandwich (what is yelp recommended), Steak and Onion (roast beef that comes with au ju and french fried onions), and Pineapple Sandwich (almost got this with ham, mozz, and pineapple)
  • Price Range:  $6-$9 a sandwich

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