NJ Cup Deadline Day Approaching 4/4 – Boys Edition

The NJ Cup is kicking into full gear this weekend with the April 4th deadline to hit this Monday night.  This means all round 1, and in many cases on the boys side, round 2 will be completed in the brackets.  For some teams this could mean a quarter-final spot and one step closer to the Championship games on May 7th and 8th.  Our club actually has 5 home State Cup games on Monday in what will definitely be an exciting night in West Windsor, NJ.  There are a ton of good games outside of Mercer County though and I have highlighted a few below.  If you think yours deserves a shout out, please feel free to list in the comment section below!

U11B 8v8:  NJ Elite PSV (GS #1) vs. Future SA 

NJ Elite PSV

Two Northern Clubs, NJ Elite out of Watchung Hills, and Future SA (a new club since 2009) out of Bergen county square off.  NJ Elite is currently the narrow GotSoccer leader of this age group over PDA Bergkamp, but Future SA is coming off an impressive 5-1 win over a tough to beat Thistle team in Round 1.


U12B 11v11:  SDFC Mercury vs. SFL Altidore

Two top 25 GS ranked teams face off in a Monday night lights format at the Newark Academy.  SDFC Mercury is looking to build upon its semi-finalist appearance in this tournament a year ago, where SFL – Soccer For Life looks to make a name for itself as an accelerated soccer program from Millburn, NJ.

U13B Premier:  Princeton SA 02/03 NPL vs. Princeton FC Boca

Your read that right… How can 2 teams from Princeton be playing each other in the second round of the State Cup you ask?  Well there are two clubs in Princeton (PSA and PFC) and they are squaring off this weekend in what may be one of the most exciting soccer sidelines to be on this season because I cannot imagine this happens too often.  Both teams won in convincing fashion (10-0 and 5-0) for the right to play each other.

U14B Super:  3 games to Mention Here.  All Top Rated Teams!

  1. Delran Future (GS 11) vs. Real NJ Knights (GS 18)
  2. NJ Stallions Academy 01/02 (GS 4) vs. Passaic YS Red Sharks (GS 15)
  3. Princeton SA 01/02 (GS 12) vs. MatchFit Academy Black Zola (GS 16)

U15B Premier:  Jersey Shore Boca Jrs. vs. Berkeley SA Juventes

Jersey Shore Boca Jrs

I chose this game because it is two clubs geographically very close.  In fact I have played a few games against Jersey Shore Boca on Berkeley Soccer Association’s home fields.  I am sure these teams have seen one another before in this local rivalry.

U16B Super:  Parsippany Crew Blue (GS 9) vs. SDFC Celtic (GS 16)

Parsippany Returns from Jeff Cup with their heads held high and SDFC Celtic is a relatively new team with a lot of success.  I am sure this is going to be a very high level contest with some college talent on the pitch.

U17B Premier:  FCUSA NJ 98/99 Black (GS 15) vs. Elizabeth YSC Firebirds (Gs 38)

U17 soccer is tough to predict at any level.  The team in early season form will most likely prevail.  FCUSA is coming off a finalist a championship in Baltimore and a semi-finalist appearance in last weekend’s EDP Easter Showcase. Elizabeth made it to the Finals in their bracket in the same tournament, so this will be a game of two prepared teams.


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