EDP League Boys Kickoff Weekend

Whether the weather allows it or not, EDP Boys Leagues are scheduled to kickoff across the NJ this weekend.  Those of you that scheduled Saturday games will be fine, but Sunday’s rain and snow mix prediction is going to force a lot of clubs to decide to just get a game in, or find somewhere else on the crowded schedule to fit a makeup in.  I played a game in the snow in early March about 3 years ago, the kids were miserable by the end, with a frozen ball and even more frozen feet the kids just didn’t see it as fun.  In fairness they were 10 years old, but hey, that’s what we die hard youth soccer coaches, trainers, and parents are willing to do to get games in before the schedule gets hectic.

Below I have highlighted some key boys contests set to kickoff the boys EDP schedule this weekend.  If you feel your team and game deserves a shout out, please comment in the reply section at the bottom of the page.  Hopefully the weather allows you guys to get games in, but just remember it is about the kids, and getting them sick before Spring Break’s start in many New Jersey school districts is probably NOT what players and parents are hoping for.

U11 9v9 1st Division Central:  Rutgers SA Fire vs. PDA Bergkamp

Another new NJ soccer academy, this time backed by a major State University name, looks to make a name for itself by clashing against one of the top academies in the State in PDA.

U12 11v11 1st Division Central:  Match Fit NJX Academy Black vs. Mercer FC Celtic

A little home club bias here, but Mercer FC Celtic is one of the premier teams in this age group.  I have worked with them in the past and their coach Ewen McDonald is one of the best and most experienced leaders I have trained with.  A challenge against an always stout MatchFit team from Holmdel means a great early season game.

MFC Celtic Champs at DTS Invitational Two Weeks Ago

U13 1st Division Central:  Jackson SC Red Bulls vs. Philadelphia Coppa 02 Flash

This game garners attention because of Jackson’s form in the MAPS Spring Challenge last weekend where they came out champions of one of the toughest groups in Pittsgrove.  Winning that group earned them 7000+ GotSoccer Points and moved them up seven spots to 6th overall in NJ.  They meet an early season test from a strong PAE club in Philadelphia Coppa.

U13 2nd Division Central:  Cherry Hill SC Scorpions vs. Cedar Stars Academy Ncedar stars academyewark 

Maybe the two best teams in division 2 square off in game 1 of the EDP League.  Cherry Hill coming off a finals appearance in the MAPS Spring Challenge last week against a Cedar Stars team that has had nothing but success over the last year makes for potential fireworks.

U14 1st Division North:  PDA Kaka White vs. Manhattan SC 01 Titans

Love the name “PDA Kaka,” they got to have some sort of creative pregame cheer…  Especially when NJ GS #2 meets NYE GS #2 in what I am sure will be a talented group of young men meeting in Somerset.

U14 2nd Division Central:  Harrison SC Vipers vs. Passaic Youth Soccer Red Sharks

This game gets recognition for a couple reasons.  1st – it is two quality township club teams meeting in high level soccer which I will always commend! 2nd- this is a 1:45 minute drive for Passaic one way!  Those are some dedicated soccer moms and dads right there.  I bet you were hoping it was Harrison North Jersey, right next to Red Bull Arena.  I am rooting for you Passaic Boys, because that ride home could be even longer if you don’t get a result.

U15 1st matchfitDivision Central:  MatchFit Academy 00/01 Black vs. SJEB 00

A NPL game being played at Rowan University, maybe there are some future Owls on the pitch in this game!  Hope the College Coaches will be in attendance for what is probably a great showcase of Southern NJ talent.


U16 1st Division Central:  MatchFit Academy 99/0 Black vs. NJ Force Arsenal

Starting to show a trend here….  3 MatchFit teams on the featured list now.  This time with a kickoff at Mercer County College, two teams that just returned from Virginia and the Jefferson Cup compete on home soil (well, turf).  MatchFit Boys were Champions of their Flight down there so Congrats are in order for representing NJ proud!

U16 2nd Division Central:  NJ Stallions Academy Madrid vs. Monroe Township monroeSC Heat

Always happy to recognize my twitter followers Monroe Township from Middlesex County.  Their U16B just returned from Bethesda and are looking to capitalize on some early season competition in EDP against a highly ranked NJ Stallions team that played in the Manhattan kickoff just two weeks ago.

U17 2nd Division Central:  PDA Messi vs. WestField Premier SA Red Devils.  In a Friday Night Lights atmosphere at PDA in Somerset, I am sure there is college level talent at play!

U18 2nd Division Central:  Manalapan Celtic vs. NJ Wildcats LB Fusion

These are not boys, they are men, and many future college players gearing up for their final season in the youth leagues.  I love watching games like this, teams stocked with NJ talent with years of professional training go to battle in a top level league like EDP.  If you are in Manalapan area, pop by the Rec center for some quality soccer kicking off at Noon on Sunday.








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