Game Day Grub 3/13 – Branchburg, NJ

My morning game with my U11G Flight 1 Mid-New Jersey team brought me to the hilly town of Branchburg, NJ.  I had already scouted out my lunch at a local hot dog, burger, and breakfast joint named Genie’s Weenies right off Route 22.  It is a very small place, but extremely popular with its yelp and google reviews.  This is your perfect post-game spot.  Not much to choose from for pre-game meals, but for a small team social following an intense game, Genie’s Weenies will definitely not disappoint.

With a name like that, how could I not go with a hot dog?  Or a “pup” as my friends and I have always called them growing up.  They have a choice of 5 options, but the one that enticed me the most was the “Chicago Dog.”  The perfect hot dog, crispy,

chicago dog
Chicago Dog

but not burnt, bite into it you hear the casing snap, with a bun to handle all the goodies poured on top.  Lettuce, tomato, pickles, relish, and jalapeno adorn this delicious pup.  I added a little ketchup (a Chicago no-no), but I am addicted to the sugary stuff.  I’ll make this review simple, best hot dog I ever had.  Get one and it will be tough not to get a second.  I only ordered one and had to try another, and went with the “Texas Dog” with BBQ onions, cheddar cheese sauce, and bacon.  Again, a tremendous hot dog for those looking for a little barbecue spin.

This place is perfect for a beautiful sunny day following your game as they have table outside for kids and parents to chat and enjoy something greasy.  Everyone in the place (that sits maybe 15 people) were having breakfast because it technically was 11AM with the clocks just changed.  So if you do want a nice “American breakfast” the French Toast was a fan favorite according to the owner, and the portions were excellent for the price.  All types of Burgers are offered as well and are some of their best sellers, but Genie rhymes with Weenie and they are the true prize at this tiny roadside gem in Northwest NJ.

  • Game Location:  White Oak Park , 220 Baird Ave Somervile, NJ
  • Address:  3351 Rt. 22, Branchburg, NJ 08876 (7 Minutes from the park)
  • Parking:  On site, small lot right off of Rt. 22
  • Kids Menu:  No
  • Hours:  Saturday and Sunday 7AM-3PM (Closes early)
  • Recommended Options:  Post Game Only!  Chicago Dog, French Toast, Jersey Burger (Pork Roll and Cheese)
  • Price Range:  $5-$10 a meal


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