EDP Girls Kickoff Weekend

The Eastern Development Program (EDP) kicks off this weekend with a large slate of games on the girls side of the ball.  Last weekend we did have a soft schedule of games played, but this Saturday and Sunday is the true marker for start of the season.  I know as a coach and trainer I am always eager to see my team perform the first week out, but understand fitness levels and form will not be at its peak.  We do however have a host of New Jersey clubs that will be tested with high level competition, making for very interesting contests in EDP Week 1 Games.

Below I have highlighted some feature games of the weekend that is March 12th and 13th.  If you feel your game deserves a shout out, please feel free to comment on this page.  I would also love to hear results, stories of great play, or recognition of great players.  I can’t truly cover the season without the help of the NJ soccer community, so don’t be shy and be the first to comment!

1.  U12G 11v11 1st Division North :  SDFC Galaxy Yellow (GS 1) vs. CFC Arsenal Sky (CT)  The top team in NJ, fresh off of a Finals appearance in the Manhattan SC Kick Off Classic meet the #1 team in Connecticut in Newark, NJ.

SDFC galaxy yellow
SDFC Galaxy Yellow U12G

2.  U12G 11v11 1st Division Central:  SJEB 03 (GS 12) vs. Marlboro Spirit (GS 16)        

Down at the Sod Farm, two highly contested young girls teams play in what is bound to be a close game.  Marlboro setting themselves up with a busy weekend out of the gate  as they were featured in the NJ Cup article as well with a 1st Round game on Saturday.

3.  U13G 1st Division Central:  PDA Lyon (GS 2 U12) vs. SJEB 02G NPL (10)                      

 It seems to me that PDA Lyon is playing up an age bracket in EDP this season.  Would love to have some clarification here, because I know there are more than 1 PDA Lyon teams.  They are returning from Manhattan SC as champs in the U12G bracket and SJEB are returning with a positive 1-1-1 record in the same flight.  Definitely a quality contest ahead.

4.  U14G 1st Division Central:  NJ Wildcats Galaxy (GS 2) vs. PDA Shore (GS 12)  

Wildcats finished 2nd in the North division last season and are looking to build off a win at WAGS in the Fall.

5.  U15G 1st Division Central:  NJ Rush NPL (GS 30) vs. NJ Elite Flames (GS 9)              

This is where the GotSoccer ranking system is completely deceiving.  A quality NPL team in NJ Rush team meets a very organized NJ Elite team at the Hun School in Princeton.

6.  U15G 1st Division North:  2 teams double booked their opening weekendNJ Wildcatss

  • Jersey United Spartans vs. Berna FC Legacy (Friday night result??)
  • Jersey United Spartans vs. NJ Wildcats
  • NJCSA Imperials vs. NJ Wildcats

7.  U16G 1st Division Central:  FC Copa Academy 99 NPL Milan (GS 1) vs. NJ Rush 99 NPL (GS11)  Top ranked team Copa returns from a winter where they traveled to both Disney and CASL.  NJ Rush looks to build off the success they had last spring winning down at Jefferson Cup.

8.  U17G 2nd Division Central:  Next Level Skye (19) vs. BSA Go Soccer Bernabeau (19) 

NLSA Skye was a semi-finalist in Manhattan and BSA competed at DTS just a week ago, so these teams should be ready to face one another in week 1.

9.  U11G 1st Division North:  NJ Elite who won at DTS last weekend meets a very strong NJ Crush Bolts team that has the talent to match up against a team in early season form.





One thought on “EDP Girls Kickoff Weekend

  1. PDA Lyon has been playing up for the last 4 seasons. They were U13 in the Fall of ’15/ 2nd Div. Central and are now 1st Div Central.
    There is only one PDA Lyon


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