Game Day Grub 3/5 – Robbinsville, NJ

In this second edition of Game Day Grub I stayed pretty local to my club in the town of Robbinsville, NJ not far off of exit 7A of the Turnpike.  I turn your attention toward Dolce and Clemente’s Italian Gourmet Market which is a phenomenal spot to get a sandwich or pasta salad with over 15 varieties of both.  The colors on display alone will leave you drooling and the smells, even more so. This is a great place pre or post game, but if you get caught at the wrong time, you could look at a deli counter like this…dolce 

I promise, anything you get is worth the wait though, but if you are in a rush to or from a game it might be worth grabbing a pre-made item, of which they have plenty.  My go-to is the Italian Special on a hero.  This is a HUGE sandwich fit for a king and with a side of my favorite Pesto Tortellini it is definitely lunch and dinner.dolce4  The bread=fantastic, the meat= freshly sliced and always boar’s head or better, and the balsamic reduction (Oh, the balsamic reduction) just completes the sandwich for me.  If you aren’t up for the italian meat explosion, some other great choices are their signature Pink Panther (chicken parm in a vodka sauce) or El Fuego which comes with breaded stuffed hot peppers.

You really can’t go wrong here, and for pre and post game soccer meals they have just what the soccer player needs.  Pre-game make sure you never feed your kids within 2 hours of a contest, this will allow digestion to take place.  Stick with your proteins, fruits and veggies, which they have a nice assortmdolce1ent of.   Try and keep the sandwiches and pasta until after the game for recovery.  They have a few tables outside on the street, but this is not the sit down type of place, just pick up and go!  If you are in the neighborhood for a game, or anywhere on Rt 130 in central jersey, do yourself a favor and stop by what may be the best Italian Food Market in NJ.

  • Game Location:  Anywhere in Mercer County!
  • Eatery:  2 North Commerce Square, Robbinsville, NJ.  In shopping center off of Rt. 33.  Right off of Rt. 130 South.  Make turn at Taco Bell (but NEVER GO THERE!).
  • Parking:  In the shopping complex or parallel parking on Rt 33 or surrounding streets.
  • Type of Food:  Sandwiches, pasta salads, lunch and dinner entrees (cold), full bakery
  • Weekend Hours:  Saturday 9AM-7PM, Sunday 9AM-5PM
  • Price Range:  $10-$20 per person, varies by what you get.  Could spend a fortune in here if you wanted to.
  • Kids Menu:  No
  • Standout Items:  Italian Special, Pink Panther, El Fuego, Pesto Tortellini, Prosciutto Bread, Ravioletti Salad


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