Dissecting the Best Soccer Video of all Time- Scott Sterling

If you haven’t seen this video yet, please click the link below before reading this post as there are plenty of spoilers!  It is my favorite soccer video of all time, and I know anyone who loves soccer will enjoy

Scott Sterling Video


The Man, The Myth, The Legend:  Scott Sterling

For one, I can’t get enough of players getting hit in the face with the ball.  When I coach I call them “faceballs” and often help my players shrug them off with comments like, “first faceball of the season huh?”, “you took that like a man! (or woman),” “I remember my first faceball,” and “it happens to everyone.”  It is very hard not to laugh sometimes admittedly (when it clearly hasn’t hurt the child).  If anyone thinks I enjoy seeing a kid crying there is something extremely wrong with them…

Back to the video.  The first time I watched this I didn’t know what was coming, wasn’t sure if it was real or not until about 2 minutes in, and then I caught on to the pattern.  The third and fifth faceballs are all time classics.  I absolutely love the moment he is curled up in the corner on kick #3 and he slowly peeks over his shoulder.  The shot in the chair on the 4th PK is very very creative “he literally just has to kick it anywhere, but where Sterling is sitting.”  Although the 5th and final shot where the camera has to pan to him crawling away from the goal is amazing.  At this point I am thinking, how can they possibly make this one hit his face?  Then beautifully crafted, right off the crossbar into his face as he looks back, genius.

This video is comedic gold from Studio C and I am impressed they got this done honestly because the rest of their youtube videos are not at this level.  Someone in that crew definitely knows their soccer and parodied that penalty shootout to perfection and on that alone they have gained my respect.  They have since added a couple follow up Sterling videos “Sterling Breaking News Update” and “Scott Sterling Gets a Christmas Present” and there is Scott Sterling 2 Volleyball video on the way!  They even have a Scott Sterling Jersey you can buy from teespring which shows Studio C is capitalizing on those 36 million views on youtube.  It is a great video though and every soccer player in NJ should know the legend of Mr. Sterling so please pass on the link as much as possible.  I will leave you with a few of my favorite quotes below from those suspect olde english accented commentators.

  • “As his trainer takes him off the field like a mustached lion dragging a gazelle through the Serengeti.”  “Adieu Scott Sterling, Adieu.”
  • “Let’s see who they got to replace Scott Sterli… SCOTT STERLING IS BACK!”
  • “Sweet Butter Crumpets”
  • “His cat-like face reflexes”
  • The Sheer excitement of the final save from the commentators


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