I will write you a soccer practice plan!

IMG_0274Running out of time?  Don’t have a practice idea?  Need something new to bring to the training pitch?  Or just want your players to have a fresh training experience.  Then let me write you a soccer practice plan!

Just uploaded on Fiverr.com using the link below, is my offer to write any parent or coach in need of fresh ideas a bonafide proven soccer practice session!


A carefully planned practice session is the key to success.  Trust me your players and parents know when you are just winging it, or clearly don’t understand what you are doing.

All I need from you is:

  • A Topic of Need
  • Team Age, gender, and skill level
  • General Training Space and Amount of Players to Attend

I will be posting my personal practice videos and session plans as the Spring season kicks off, but those practices won’t always match up with the team and level you are working with.  I am willing to get very specific with your team and give you new ideas to work around heading throughout your season.  Coaches should share and at times “steal” ideas, heck, I do it all the time.  Otherwise you will never truly improve as a coach and your training will eventually cease to evolve.

Coaches, feel free to share you favorite practice session or drill using the reply to topic below as I am always looking to change things up when I am on the pitch!

Example Training Sheet from My Summer Camp Below in PDF.


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