NJ State Cup Brackets Intro Guide

US Club State Cup (or the New Jersey Cup) released it’s brackets on Saturday February 20th for the Spring 2016 Tournament.  It isn’t quite March Madness, but coaches, trainers, and club directors crashed the site in the first few minutes of the release proving there is a substantial buzz around the competition.  After gaining initial access to the brackets at 12:05PM Saturday, the site clearly became overpowered by the volume of traffic it received.  I got a failure notice just moments later as I tried to change age groups using my android phone, so of course I tried my computer with no avail.  I must have clicked 20 different links for about a half hour straight refreshing the page routinely to regain access.  I got the hint though, people were interested, and lowly bracketmaker.com didn’t know what hit them.

After 3 and a half hours of poor Bob (The Director of NJ Cup) getting pounded with what I imagine as hilariously panicked filled emails from team contacts NEEDING to gain access to the brackets he replied with this email statement:


I know there were problems accessing the schedules. I believe it was caused by a rush of 900+ team contacts, managers and coaches trying to access the web site. If you have a problem, give it a rest for awhile and then retry.

I just was able to access the schedules.

The brackets can be found using the link below.


Thank You,


That is some serious interest in NJ youth soccer if you tell me.  I admit, I wanted to know who my team was playing, as well as where the rest of my club fell on the brackets.  It is fun to look at your potential opponents and path to the finals on May 7th and 8th.  However the February Fanatics in NJ did enough damage to crash the site and to coaches, parents, players alike, let’s keep that craziness online and off the sidelines this tournament season.

Below I have listed the top “seeds” from each group as it is fun to see what clubs they come from.  Of course the teams in the Premier Groups are not as highly “gotsoccer” ranked as the core of the Super Group, but still top seeds nonetheless.  After looking through these teams I took some interesting notes that I think everyone will enjoy:

  • It is clear that township programs can still compete.  18 Boys Township Teams and 11 Girls Township Teams Listed. However they are mostly in Premier Groups and the younger ages, so private clubs and academies are trending.
  • FC Copa (7) STA Morris United (7) TSF Academy (4) SJEB (4 All Girls) MatchFit Academy (4) Lead the way with most clubs in these top seeds
  • 26 NPL Status Teams as Top Seeds (6 Boys, 20 Girls)
  • 2 Groups Entirely NPL Status (U15 and U17 Girls Super Groups)
  • There are way too many teams with too long of names – clearly (Ex. Club Name, Team Name, Academy Name, League affiliation, Birth year, Color) That is just ridiculous, what happened to teams like “Ladybugs”
  • Runs of teams:  NJ Crush U15-U17 Girls,  MatchFit Boys U15-17, Ironbound Boys U17-U18/19, FC Copa Girls U15-U18/19

Boys Groups

U10B:  Washington United 05/06, Manalapan United, Tornados Duka, Nutley United

U11B 8v8:  Real New Jersey Juniors, NJ Elite PSV, PDA Bergkamp, Middletown Lightning

U12B 11v11:  STA Morris United NPL, Mercer FC Celtic, NASA United Man United, SDFC Mercury

U12B 8v8: Real New Jersey Spurs, Bridgewater SA Hotspurs, FC Sportika Evolution, Princeton SA Ajax 03/04 NPL

U13B Super Group:  TSF Academy 02/03, FC Copa Academy 02 NPL Sporting, Manalapan Nitro, New Jersey Rush 02 Blue

U13B Premier Group:  Teaneck Stingrays, Wall Snipers, Parsippany NPL 02, Mercer FC Milan

U14B Super Group:  Wall Cosmos, TSF Academy 01/02, Holmdel NJX Galaxy United, Ironbound Fever

U14B Premier Group:  FCUSA New Jersey 01/02 Black, Roxbury Avalanche, PDA South Pirlo, Teaneck Stingrays??

U15B Super Group:  STA Morris United NPL 00, Vorhees SA Devils, MatchFit Academy 00/01 Black, TSF Academy 00/01 Blue

U15B Premier Group:  Jersey United Spartans 00/01 Pre ASL, Kearny United Reds, Princeton FC Everton, Washington United Tornados

U16B Super Group:  Den of Lions Mustangs, East Brunswick United, Mainland United Lightning, MatchFit Academy 99/00 Black

U16B Premier Group:  NJ Stallions Academy Madrid, Pasco Fire, Toms River FC Newcastle Elite, Real New Jersey Athletico 99

U17B Super Group:  Stronghold Falcons, Marlton JPS Premier 98, STA Morris United NPL 98, MatchFit Academy 98/99 Black

U17B Premier Group:  Ironbound Rebels, FCUSA New Jersey 98/99 Black, Cherry Hill Black Out, Next Level Arsenal

U18/U19B:  Freehold Phantoms, Cedar Stars Academy Newark 97/98, Ironbound Premier Strikers, FC Copa Academy 97 NPL Juventes

Girls Groups

Girls U10:  NJ Rush 05 Girls Blue, PDA Lightning, NJ Crush Blitz, NJ Elite Spurs

Girls U11 8v8:  STA Morris United 04 NPL, PDA Strikers, NJ Stallions Academy Impact, TBAA Sonic

Girls U12 11v11:  PDA Lyon, SJEB 03 East, SDFC Galaxy Yellow, Middletown Sonic Dynamite

Girls U12 8v8:  FC Copa Academy 03 EDP Madrid, Bricktown Angels, NJ Wildcats Lopez NPL, MatchFit Academy Spurs NPL White

Girls U13 Super Group:  New Jersey Rush 02 Blue, PDA Shore Wave, Arsenal Maximus Red, STA Morris United NPL 02

Girls U13 Premier Group:  Mount Laurel United Pride, Twin County Storm 02/03, NJ Elite Fire, Freehold Arsenal Blue

Girls U14 Super Group: STA Morris United NPL, SJEB 01, NJ Wildcats Averbuch NPL, NJCSA Elite-Manalapan

Girls U14 Premier Group:  Mercer FC Spurs, Haddonfield Lightning, STA Morris United 01, Ocean Twnshp United Hurricanes

Girls U15 Super Group:  Princeton SA IGFA 00-01 NPL, SJEB 00 NPL, FC Copa Academy 00 Roma NPL, STA Morris United 00 NPL

Girls U15 Premier Group:  NJ Crush Storm 00 NPL, NJCSA Imperials, Bridgewater Galaxy, Mount Laurel United Storm

Girls U16 Super Group:  Toms River FC Everton, FC Copa Academy 99 NPL Milan, SJEB 99, Jersey United Spartans 99/00 NPL

Girls U16 Premier Group:  NJ Crush Crossfire, Princeton SA IGFA 99/00 NPL, Jersey Shore Boca Junior Union, Twin County Force 99/00

Girls U17 Super Group:  FC Copa Academy 98 NPL Celeste, STA Morris United NPL 98, New Jersey Rush 98 NPL, NJ Wildcats Lady Strikers NPL

Girls U17 Premier Group:  NJ Crush Charge, STA Morris United 98, Bridgewater United Piranhas, BSA Go Soccer Bernabeu

Girls U18/19:  MatchFit NJX Academy Juventes, Princeton SA IGFA 97/98 Tigers NPL, TSF Academy 97/98, FC Copa Academy 97/98 NPL Sevilla


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